Sustainable Hospitality: How Amglow’s Water Filtration System is Transforming the Industry

Contributed by George Lim, CEO & Founder of Amglow

One of the problems that the hospitality industry has faced traditionally is wastage from single-use items provided to hotel guests, such as soap, shampoo, and plastic bottles. However, in recent years, there has been a notable shift towards sustainability efforts and reducing plastic waste. One of the leading forces in this transformation is Amglow, a company that provides water filtration systems to hotels, drastically reducing the usage of single-use plastic bottles. Amglow’s water filtration product has gained significant traction across various hospitality brands, reflecting a growing commitment towards environmental conservation within the industry.

The Importance of Sustainability Efforts in the Hospitality Industry and Government Support

Singapore’s position as the world’s largest consumer of bottled water highlights the urgency for change. By reducing wastage, hotels can significantly contribute to a more environmentally friendly industry. Leading hospitality brands, including Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, Fairmont Singapore, and Swissotel The Stamford, have recognised this need and are actively ditching single-use plastic bottles, implementing Amglow’s water filtration system in their hotel rooms.

The government’s support through the Business Improvement Fund, administered by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), has been instrumental in encouraging hotels to adopt sustainable practices. The grant, covering up to 70% of implementation costs, has enabled many hotels to switch to Amglow’s water filtration system, entirely eliminating the need for plastic bottled mineral water.

Water filtration system faucet mounted to the top of the sink at Pullman Orchard Hotel

Amglow’s Differentiating Factor and Appeal

Amglow’s water filtration system stands out in the market due to its commitment to customisation. Recognising that each hotel has its unique characteristics and design ethos, Amglow tailors its products to seamlessly blend with the overall guestroom design. The company’s willingness to accommodate specific requests, such as custom gold-coloured filter faucets or taller faucets to fit top mount basins, has made them a preferred choice for many hospitality brands.

Moreover, Amglow’s ability to provide filtered hot and cold water on demand, and in some cases, even sparkling water, enhances the overall guest experience. This level of customisation while maintaining full functionality has earned Amglow a reputation as an innovative and sustainable solution provider.

George Lim, CEO & Founder of Amglow

Making a Difference and Future Plans for Amglow

At Amglow, we have a strong commitment to making a positive environmental impact. Through the installation of water filtration systems in thousands of guestrooms, Amglow has already prevented millions of plastic bottles from ending up in landfills or oceans. The company’s ambitious growth projections, aiming to serve 15,000 guest rooms by the end of 2023, exemplify our dedication to scaling their sustainable impact. With 15,000 guest rooms served, Amglow will be able to eliminate the use of a whopping 10.95 million plastic bottles a year for the hospitality industry.

Amglow’s reach is also expanding regionally, with ongoing talks to bring our water filtration systems to hospitality brands in countries like Indonesia and Thailand. This expansion signifies Amglow’s mission to drive sustainability across borders, encouraging hotels in various parts of the world to adopt greener practices.


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