Gift Ideas for Christmas 2022

Christmas is coming soon and if you’re having trouble thinking of what to get for your loved ones, we’ve got some ideas that fit various budgets as well as personalities. We’re sure we’ve got you covered, so scroll down or click on the section headers and get some gift-inspo!

For the gourmands

Chocolates from Janice Wong

Choose between different types of chocolates, including the new Bean to Bar Advent Calendar (S$98), featuring 12 different Pure Imagination single-origin chocolate bars and the Box of 25 Advent Calendar (S$107) containing 25 pieces of chocolate Bon Bons in an assortment of divine flavours from the Christmas, Signature Singapore Series and Classic collections.

Janice Wong also offers Christmas Cakes of every kind. Here are some ideas:

  1. Santa Pom Pom Celebration Cake (S$88) is filled with cherry compote, cherry curd, vanilla chantilly mousse, cherry Champagne mousse, and Champagne mousse in a beetroot sponge.
  2. Christmas Tree Praline Chocolate (S$228) consists of chocolate balls infused with praline, bringing joy to every bite.
  3. Miniature cakes: Pine Nut, Starry Night, Christmas Wreath, and Santa Hat (S$12 each).

Please visit their website for more information and to purchase items from the Christmas collection, or visit Janice Wong’s Singapore stores at Great World, i12 Katong, and Paragon, or purchase from Grabmart. Outside of Singapore, Janice Wong’s newly opened stand at Selfridges in London is selling the Christmas chocolate bars and advent calendars.

Eggslut x Common Man Coffee Roasters

Eggslut is is eggcited to share that they will be bringing a bevy of treats and an egg-stra special Christmas mailing service for the coziest time of the year!

Created in collaboration with Singapore’s Common Man Coffee Roasters are two festive specials: the luscious Panna Cotta Slut (S$6), made with a special Eggslut coffee blend by Common Man Coffee Roasters and our limited edition Eggslut Drip Coffee Bags (S$20) by Singapore’s Common Man Coffee Roasters – made from 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee. Check their products out here!

Archisen – A vertical-farmed salad box for the “eat-clean” enthusiasts

Help your loved ones stick to their diet goals by giving them Archisen’s Just Produce organic salad boxes this Christmas!

Employing AI and vertical-farming methods, local urban farm Archisen offers an array of salad boxes with unique flavours ranging from Wasabi to Himalayan Salt. Gift your loved ones delectable salads made from leafy greens exclusively produced by Archisen’s farming technology. With these organic and fresh salad boxes, eating healthy never has to be bland again!

Help your loved ones stay committed to healthy eating in 2023 by visiting to check out their full range of salad boxes.

Cosmic Cookware

For those who like to cook, what better gift than actual cookware? Check outCosmic Cookware’s festive cookware collection in Pink Berry where it mixes aesthetics and functionality! The new Pink Berry collection makes it easy to light up the festive feast from your kitchen to the dinner table, and a great holiday gift to share joyful kitchen moments.

For the artsy folks

Sarangly – A personalised and specially curated framed gift

Many of us are so accustomed to receiving jewellery, socks, and body care gift sets for Christmas, so much so that they are piled up in our rooms, unused, or waiting to be regifted. Why not give your loved one something personal that shows your love?

Sarangly encaptures your love in their beautiful wooden frame, which are designed from scratch and customisable. You may also couple it with a heartfelt message that is sure to warm their hearts. This gift is sure to beautify their living space and reminds them of you every time they look at it.

Check out Sarangly’s frames over at their website.

Saell – Balloon bouquets

Forget traditional flower bouquets, it’s time to make way for balloon bouquets. Give your loved one the most Instagram-worthy bouquet that would be forever etched in their memory. Saell’s handcrafted bouquets are best paired with one of those usual go-to Christmas gifts, it’s certainly going to make them pop!

Saell, the sister brand of Sarangly, offers these intricately handcrafted balloon bouquets that can be customised. Saell’s bestsellers include the ever-so-chic-ly named Dior and Chanel bouquets. Check out their balloon bouquets here!

Vitra Elephant Pad

This charming mouse pad is made from high-quality leather, made from leather to make sustainable use of leather leftovers. It’s available in six colours of leather with a soft and pleasant texture. Check it out here!

Fritz Hansen Slide (Mirror with Storage Tray)

Slide, a mirror with storage tray, balances a small storage function with sculptural beauty. It is a mix of materials such as smoked glass, hand-cast concrete, cork and ash wood. Check out this piece and how you can incorporate it into your home!

For the fashionistas

Sunday Shades

Sick of Constantly Readjusting Your Sunglasses? Sunday Shades offers shades that are non-slip and sits perfectly on your nose!

You’re wearing your sunglasses to the beach, ready to bask under the sun, only to have it slip off your sweaty nose. What’s more, your hands are full – with a drink in one and your phone in the other.
And for those who are into catching the waves, it gets worse – your designer sunglasses fall into the sea, gone forever.

That’s not if local brand Sunday Shades has something to say about that. Faced with the same problem, Co-Founders of Sunday Shades – brothers Kenneth and Raymond, and Kenneth’s wife Dorothy could not find polarised sunglasses that fitted their nose bridges without constantly bouncing and slipping off. And even when they did, they were either too expensive or their designs out of date.

Get yours here today!


This festive season, Singapore’s favourite homegrown premium mulberry silk label, SOVA has launched its sleepwear collection, adding on to its popular holiday gift sets for you to gift your loved ones with better skin, hair and restful sleep with.

SLUMBER, the sleepwear collection, consists of two functional and fuss-free designs – a slip and a button down shorts set in three colourways of blush, rose and coal. The sleepwear are designed to be milti-purpose and can easily be worn as loungewear or casualwear, paired with your favourites from your wardrobe. Available as a free size garment, the sleepwear ideally fits sizes UK 6 to 10. Get yours here today!


If you’re trying to get your loved ones to exercise more this period, check out Lululemon’s holiday gift guide! From warm fuzzies to workout wonders, discover next-level gear for your loved ones. There’s always something for everyone!

Qwerky Colour – a vibrant hair dye to ensure their hair matches their colourful personality

Let your loved ones go into the new year looking their best and feeling their best with Qwerky Colour hair dyes! #NewYearNewMe

With 12 bold and fun colours, including the trendiest colours of today such as Scarlet Red and Smokey Grey, Qwerky Colour hair dyes will express your loved one’s unique personality. The best part: Qwerky Colour hair dyes are non-damaging, semi-permanent, and customizable. Unlike traditional box dyes, Qwerky dyes contain no bleach and feature ingredients that are nourishing to the hair such as peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Pssst… We suggest you get more than 1 since Qwerky Colour encourages people to express their creativity through mixing and matching hair dyes to achieve the desired shade.

Head over to Qwerky Colour’s website to view their vibrant array of hair dyes.

For the beautyholics

Yunnan Baiyao Probiotic Toothpaste

Christmas is the season of getting snuggly with your loved ones but we surely wouldn’t want to be close to someone under the mistletoe and smell rotten meat wafting from their mouths. The fear of bad breath lingering and ruining the mood is real.

Help your loved ones stay fresh with local TCM brand, Science Arts’ Yunnan Baiyao Probiotic Toothpaste that freshens breath and tackles root causes of bad breath. This toothpaste fights bad bacteria in your mouth with good bacteria, maintaining a balanced oral bacteria population while giving you pearly white teeth and fresh breath!

Fight bad breath with your loved ones here.

Zenyum – A teeth whitening stripe for the caffeine friend

The festive season calls for our favourite holiday drinks. While hot chocolate or peppermint mocha taste good and make us feel cosy, they certainly leave a mark on our teeth.

Achieve a polished and dazzling smile on the go with ZenyumBright Invisible Whitening Strips. These strips dissolve on your teeth, removing yellow stains rather than just dark ones. They are so easy to use, are sensitive teeth-friendly, leave your teeth with a fresh peppermint flavour, and most importantly, can be used anytime, anywhere. In a meeting or while travelling, you can trust these strips to beautify your pearly whites in just 15-20 minutes.

Check out ZenyumBright Invisible Whitening Strips here.

TwoHerbs – For the one who is stressed about the hairfall in their shower drain

All of us had a stressful year and one of the most undesirable effects of stress we surely wish to avoid is hair loss! But now that it’s finally the holiday season, it’s time to take some time to recharge and prepare ourselves for the new year ahead. It’s the perfect time to pamper your loved ones with TwoHerbs Hair Loss Treatment.

Formulated with a special blend of 100 percent Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal hair treatment, it gives the scalp a higher chance of recovery by solving your scalp issues more efficiently compared to using just one type of herb, which has shown results in just three months of treatment.

Book an appointment for your loved one here.

Fii Cloud Curler

Want pretty and natural curls this festive season? Save money on expensive salons and forget the troublesome curling iron that damages your hair. You can get the prettiest natural curls for your parties at a fraction of the cost and use zero hair-damaging heat!

Introducing the Fii Cloud Curler:

  • Natural curling technique
  • Help maintain digital perms
    • All ladies with digital perms know the hassle of aftercare. The Fii Cloud Curler solves this problem.
  • Double up as a pretty hair accessory!
  • Made with highest grade of silk
    • Grade 6A Silk Mulberry Cloud Curler, OEKO-TEX certified
    • Helps keep moisture and natural oil within the hair
  • First hair curling scrunchie brand in Singapore

On top of that, you will also get 15% off when they key in the code GRWFII at checkout from 01 Nov to 31 Dec 2022!


Shop Lush’s Christmas Collection and fill your homes with welcoming scents.

Making a comeback this Christmas is the iconic Snow Fairy range, which will see a new array of products boasting the well-loved scent. These include the Snow Fairy Lip Jelly (S$15), the magic potion for instant softness on the lips, the Snow Fairy Bubble Blowing Wand (S$20) for a sweet-scented bubble bath, the Snow Fairy Body Lotion (S$25) and Fairy Dust Dusting Powder (S$25), leaving your skin soft and sweet.

In addition, don’t miss out on four new cheery scents in Lush’s bath bombs series — Moon Bath (S$18), with refreshing citrus essential oils, Snow Drift (S$16), for a cooling twist of eucalyptus and peppermint, Partridge in a Pear Tree (S$18), luxuriously moisturising with prickly pear oil, and Golden Pudding (S$19), a golden-hued bath bomb with a colourful surprise. There is something for everyone to level up your bath time rituals!

Neal Yard Remedies

Made with love for people and planet, Neal’s Yard Remedies’ sustainable Christmas gift set boxes use over 15% less packaging than the previous year and are made from FSC® certified card that is Carbon Balanced by World Land Trust and fully recyclable. Each set pieces together complementary products, created with natural and organic ingredients for thoughtful stocking fillers to show-stopping luxury gifts.

Now a staple of Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Christmas gifting, Pick & Mix is the perfect, personalised present, leaving curation in the hands of the customer. Choose from a range of stocking fillers, skincare, bath & body and aromatherapy favourites starting from S$ 18.00 for a gift of wellbeing that everyone can enjoy. Check it out here!


Homegrown fragrance brand Hush Candle has launched its latest 2022 Holiday Collection, with a wide range of seasonal fragrances, gift sets and gift bundles. The 2022 Holiday Collection is the brand’s biggest festive launch to date.

The collection consists of four festive candle scents:

  • XMAS TREE – A fresh, green and balsamic scent with notes of Siberian Fir and Fir Balsam
  • MISTLETOE – A bright, herbceous scent with earthy notes of pine, fir and white berries
  • GINGERBREAD – A warm, comforting scent with grounding notes of musk and spice
  • ASPEN – An earthy and woody scent with grounding notes of Oakmoss, Cedarwood and

Hush Candle’s 2022 Holiday Collection is now available at

Mood-boosting fragrances by Scent Journer

Left to right: The Blooming Jewel, Clouds in Heaven and Dancing Blue Bees

Scent Journer is a homegrown perfume brand that takes a mindful and ethical approach to fragrance formulation. The brand uses natural ingredients that are ethically sourced, and the perfumes are designed to uplift mood and make users feel at best. The sense of smell is one of the more powerful senses in the human body, and it has a direct link to our emotions, memory, and general mood.

“75% of our emotions generated daily are caused by smell¹ and this is vital in our fast-paced society where we face high levels of stress. Smelling can be the fastest and easiest way to relieve stress. Perfumes from Scent Journer are not only designed to address the consumer’s most significant pain points with fragrances but also deliver tangible benefits such as calming and relaxing healing notes,” says Joyce Lian, founder of Scent Journer.

Scent Jourer perfumes also come in three different scents:

  • The Blooming Jewel is a vibrant and luminous rosy floral fragrance that is perfect for celebrating springtime and new beginnings. The fresh blooms of glowing roses are reminiscent of jewels Shinmin in the sun, and the sweet fruitiness of the fragrance is sure to uplift your mood.
  • Clouds in Heaven is inspired by Singapore’s local delight – the fluffy Pandan Chiffon Cake. this beautiful white floral scent is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere, thanks to its sweet and creamy undertones, tuberose, jasmine and ylang-ylang.
  • Dancing Blue Bees is an aromatic and relaxing floral fragrance that transports you to the golden blue sea of lavenders under the sun. Soothing bergamot and yang-ylang create a warm, balsamic undertone, while black pepper adds a touch of spice

Scent Journer is available online and in selected stores such as Design Orchard, Tangs @ Vivo City, Metro @ Paragon and Crane Living.

For the health conscious

Muscat Grape Detox Glow

If you want deliciousness that aids you to get a healthy gut, then look no further than the latest Muscat Grape Detox Glow (S$68/box of 15 sachets) – a partnership between nnpower and Naked Blend. Powered by Naked Blend, nnpower’s Muscat Grape Detox Glow is a vegan-friendly, functional beverage that is full of natural plant prebiotics, fibre, fruit enzymes and antioxidants.

This blend helps with constipation and bloating, gently encouraging an intestinal flush and supports your body’s natural detoxification process. Benefits include a healthy immune system, a boost in natural collagen production, aids in hormonal balance, invigorating the skin’s natural glow and improving digestion as well as a boost in metabolism.

Muscat Grape Detox Glow can be purchased on and Naked Blend.

waterdrop®’s microdrinks, microteas and microenergies

Waterdrop® proves that big things come in small packages – with a wide range of Microdrinks, Microteas and Microenergies. The brand delivers significant impact without the need for plastic or cans creating a more efficient and sustainable way to consume water, especially for those always on the go.

1. Microdrink
Consider getting waterdrop® ZEN (S$13.90) or waterdrop® FLAIR (S$13.90) as they are formulated with botanical extracts that add flavour to your water. Waterdrop® Microdrinks add flavour by giving water a fruity taste, infused with only the best quality vitamins and minerals. Free from sugar, gluten, artificial flavours and preservatives, there are 4 flavours available, ensuring that there’s a microdrink to suit every individual’s taste.

2. Microtea
You can also consider buying waterdrop® FRUIT FUSION (S$14.90) or waterdrop® MELLOW MINT (S$14.90). Waterdrop® Microtea packs the finest fruit and plant extract into a small dissolvable cube to create a naturally infused, soothing and delicious tea. Completely sugar-free without compromising the taste, the cubes are perfect for those who want to enjoy tea on the go. For an ideal Microtea experience, immerse it in hot water and wait two to three minutes without stirring or shaking.

3. Microenergies
To increase energy levels, consider getting waterdrop® SHIRO (S$16.90) or waterdrop® NERO (S$16.90). A healthy alternative to classic energy juices or coffee, waterdrop® Microenergies are the natural pick-me-up you need to get you through the day. Enriched with fruit and plant extracts, natural caffeine, and free from sugar or artificial preservatives, the cubes are perfect for those looking for extra energy during training or daily life.

From 1 to 24 December 2022, there is a Christmas promotion for its bottle-set where every purchase of a bottle set at their physical store, customers will be given an additional 12-pack of waterdrop® Microtea, retailing at S$14.90. On top of its Christmas promotion, new customers who sign up online for the newsletter can also get a 12-pack of the waterdrop® Microdrink, with any purchase over S$30.

Waterdrop® is open from Monday to Sunday, at Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238839, #01-K2.

For more information, please visit this website:

Relaxation tea by Herbalife Nutrition

Living in this fast paced society where our brains are constantly ‘switched on’, it might be time to turn down the dial and take a break with a nice cuppa relaxation tea. A herbal blend of lemon balm, chamomile, lavender and passionflower with a peppermint flavour, this tea enhances relaxation and is a healthy way to unwind and destress. Moreover, it is low in calories, made with non-GM ingredients and is free from artificial flavours or colours.

For more information and to purchase, please visit

Wearable tech such as Fitbit

If your loved one is interested in building healthy habits across physical activity, sleep, stress management and nutrition, why not give them a wearable device such as Fitbit? With a wide range of devices at various price points, there is now promotions of up to 50% off selected products from 5-23 December and all devices are available for purchase at Fitbit Singapore’s website, and major retail stores in Singapore such as Amazon, Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Lazada, and Shopee.

CircleDNA – Go deep into their roots

One of the greatest gifts of all is knowledge – about their past, present and future. What better way to learn more about yourself and your significant other than through your DNA?

Let your loved one dig deep with CircleDNA’s DNA Testing Kits. CircleDNA offers a simple at-home test that can uncover personalised diet profiles, nutrient needs, optimal exercise routines, genetic risk of common cancers, and more. Additionally, they provide users with free health and genetic consultation from genetic experts to help individuals to better understand and translate the numbers into actionable insights in their daily lives.

Start their journey of self-discovery here.

For couples to enjoy together

A gift of holiday

Top all gifts with a gift of experience and holiday to New York City!

As one of the most iconic holiday destinations, NYC will once again play host to festive experiences and events across dining, shopping, culture and entertainment throughout all five boroughs.

A trip to New York City during the holiday season is magical whether it’s your first visit or an annual tradition. The five boroughs witness a transformation that includes iconic experiences along Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Center as well as new holiday markets, pop-events and performances that create memories of a lifetime.

Give someone the experience of a lifetime today!

Pleasure Products Festive Gift Guide

Looking to add some extra magic to this year’s holiday season? Here are some gifts to excite and enliven the imagination. Choose between travel friendly toys for use on the go, toys for couples to learn more about each other and special products with a unique design for those who have it all. has created a diverse guide with a little something for everyone. Check out the products here!

We-Vibe Chorus

The ideal sex toy for couples, Chorus (S$280) fits seamlessly between you and adds thrilling vibrations to your lovemaking. Hands-free and wearable, Chorus matches its vibration intensity to the strength of your grip, so it’s completely in tune with you. Intensity can either be adjusted by squeezing the special remote or via the We-Vibe App. No fiddling around with buttons when all you want is to enjoy each other’s company.

For more information or to purchase, please visit We-Vibe here.

We-Vibe Tease Us Boxed Sets

Why not be a little more adventurous and take the foreplay outside the bedroom? We-Vibe Tease Us (S$290) is a set of app-controlled wearable vibrators with something for every couple. Subtly tease and tantalise wherever you go with vibrating stimulation ring Bond and powerful panty vibe Moxie. Customise the collection to your needs: also available as 2 Moxies or 2 Bonds.

For more information or to purchase, please visit We-Vibe here.


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