Adventurous Travel Destinations You Must Visit

While travel is back, some of you who have been hit with the wanderlust bug might want to take a different sort of trip around the world. After all, YOLO and travelling is all about creating experiences so why not create adventures? As such, we have hunted high and low and here are 5 adventurous travel destinations which we think would certainly give you the experience of a lifetime!

1. Visit Antarctica’s icy glaciers

Home to vast ice sheets, majestic glaciers and barren deserts of snow, the untouched wilderness of Antarctica offers the journey of a lifetime. This remarkable destination is truly like no other place on Earth.

Stay on the Continent of Antarctica at Echo Camp

White Desert’s latest camp, Echo, grants guests a unique, exclusive opportunity to stay on Antarctica itself — one of the rare few properties that are allowed to do so.

Start off your journey by boarding an exclusive private jet with White Desert, which is also the only company in the world that offers commercial private jet services to Antarctica. Upon landing, guests will be escorted to Echo Camp’s private lounge where a martini — shaken with 10,000 year old ice — will be waiting.

Echo will provide exclusive access to the rarely seen interior of the continent of Antarctica. The camp will also offer a central lounge area, dining facilities, and heated shower pods. As with all their camps, White Desert has designed Echo to be dismantled without a trace, leaving no more than a transitory impact on Antarctica.

Explore the inner wilds of Antarctica

Unique opportunities to get up close with Antarctica’s wildlife are also plentiful. Be among the privileged few to witness one of the world’s rarest wilderness experiences: The March of the incredible Emperor Penguins, the largest species of penguins in the world, and the stars of the beloved children’s film, Happy Feet.

Beyond wildlife adventures, guests of Echo camp will have access to all White Desert activities, which include fat biking, skiing, skidooing and 4×4 Arctic Truck driving, as well as expertly guided hiking, ice-climbing and mountaineering trips.

Cruise through Antarctica with one of the most luxurious vessels in the Peninsula

For those who prefer to explore the last frontier Titanic-style, look no further. To journey around Antarctica on board Silversea’s elegant Silver Cloud is to journey in unfettered luxury.

As one of the most well-appointed vessels to cruise the Antarctic Peninsula, the Silver Cloud makes for the perfect introduction to expedition cruising for those who enjoy travelling in style and comfort. The cruise is all-inclusive, including gratuities, room service, selected premium spirits and wines, and gourmet dining — so guests won’t need to worry about a thing whilst on board.

The best time to visit Antarctica is during November to March. November is when Antarctica is practically untouched; those who travel towards the beginning of the month will be treading on fresh snow with the vast expanse of Antarctica stretching out before them. From December to early February is Antarctica’s high summer, and it is the time when the wildlife is most active: penguins, seals and birds are everywhere, and you may even spy a penguin chick hatching! From mid-February to March is the best time to try and see whales such as humpbacks, minkes and orcas.

To find out more information on Antarctica and how to get there, read the travel guides curated by Scott Dunn’s experts here.

2. Swim through Mexico’s cenotes

Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula features a wealth of unique natural beauty, especially when it comes to its cavernous cenotes. Floating in one of these natural sinkholes is an eye-opening experience, as is diving through the underground cave systems. These cenotes are all connected and the underground river flows deep beneath Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

Cenotes can be pretty difficult to get to, so many use ‘Colectivos’ – small buses to some and taxis or, if you’re travelling in group, your tour guide can help you with transport. The more tourist-friendly cenotes have opening hours and entry fees. Take note that you can’t swim with cream applied on your skin, as it can poison fish and sea plants, and hence you will be required to take a shower before getting in.

3. Go “volcano boarding” on Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

Adventure 101: Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

If you’re looking for action, sports and adventure, book a flight to Nicaragua now! Here you can kayak, surf, zipline through the jungle, and even sled down the side of an active volcano. Climb up the 2,388-foot Cerro Negro and then “volcano board” back down.

It is highly recommended that you go with a guided group tour. Check out Bigfoot Hostels as they are one of companies available that provide you with the entire package! You get transportation to the volcano, boards, safety equipment, snacks, and your speed clocked by a radar gun.

4. Mongolia Gobi Desert Tours

Gobi Desert and Orkhon Valley Tour in Mongolia

Mongolia Gobi Desert Tours are a great place to visit if you enjoy vast open spaces and under an endless patch of sky. Exploring this magical desert you will be surprised to find varied landscapes, including rugged mountain ranges, green pastures, ice filled canyons, gigantic sand dunes and desert oases, and a rich wildlife.

You may also combine your Gobi Desert Tour with a horseback expedition or a camel ride! Camel rides are popular as you will get to experience transitions in the landscape on a camel’s back!

Check out their packages here!

5. Sleep under the stars in NamibRandWhat are the best places in Africa to sleep under the stars? TravelPlusStyle

To experience some of the world’s best celestial sights, visit NamibRand in Namibia. Namibia’s vast NamibRand Nature Reserve is one of only a few gold-certified Dark Sky Reserves. There are no towns or settlements inside it, or even nearby – Namibia is one of the planet’s most sparsely populated countries.

In the day, you can explore NamibRand’s ochre-hued wilderness of dunes, mountains and plains, looking for oryx and Hartmann’s zebra. In the evening, you can also enjoy a gorgeous unobstructed sunset before the sky turns dark and you focus on the stars that light up the skies.

There are different lodges which offer various ‘star beds’ for you to enjoy the scenic views and night sky! They include Lion Sands Tree Houses, Little Kualala Rooftop, and more. You can check your options out here.

Images: Ayan travel Mongolia, National Geographic, Scot Dunn, Thrillist, Travelplusstyle

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