Rediscovering Singapore’s Nature This Weekend in Style

Wondering what to do this weekend besides hanging out with friends? Why not rediscover Singapore’s nature and get a bit of exercise as well as bonding time with family or friends.

Go on a hike

Thanks to the pandemic, many of us have started to appreciate the hiking and nature trails in Singapore. However, if you’ve exhausted your list of usual spots such as Macritchie or the Treetop Walk, check out this list of 11 hiking spots by Decathlon with (now open) secret spots such as Puaka Hill (featured image) and Mount Serapong to explore!

(Left To Right )Trekking Cap Forclaz Travel 100 – Light Grey (S$4.50), Trekking 10L Rain Poncho Quechua Arpenaz – Turqoise (S$10), Hiking 10L Backpack – Arpenaz NH100 (S$4)

Before you go on your hike around these hidden trails, do make sure that you’re well equipped. Because even though we’re in Singapore, it is still essential to be properly geared up. Remember to wear a cap to provide from shade from the sun, bring a long a rain poncho (will be more comfortable than holding an umbrella while trekking through mud) to prepare for wet weather, a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and put it all in a lightweight backpack.

Naturally, it is important to dress properly so that your perspiration is wicked away or have other features such as Lululemon‘s latest hiking collection that have functional designs with storage capabilities; abrasion-resistant seams to reduce friction for a chafe-free hike and ladies…you’ll love the fact that some pieces have specialised double-duty such as sports bras and shorts that can transform into swimwear to ensure adventures from land to water.

Snorkel at Singapore’s southern islands

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If you’re more of a water baby, why not explore Singapore’s marine life by going for a snorkelling trip at one of our southern islands, such as Kusu Island? For those who’d like to be able to have a longer time underwater to view of the corals and aquatic creatures of the sea, normal goggles may not suffice. So do get some snorkelling gear such as Decathlon’s Easybreath Surface Mask, which allows one to stay underwater longer without the need to return to the surface too often for air. Moreover, its anti-fogging ability means clear views!

This is great for those who may have gone to the islands but have yet to really discover what is in the water. If you’re feeling fancy, of course it’ll be great to rent a yacht or boat with friends. Otherwise, head to Marina South Pier Ferry Terminal to purchase your ferry tickets (S$15/pax).

Don’t forget to pack a microfibre towel to dry off! Oh…and TWI’s pro tip: bring along a small bottle of baby powder to dust off the sand when you’re ready to go back to the mainland!

Visit a shore during low tide

Singapore does have wildlife and something that is getting popular (once again, thanks to the pandemic) is exploring the intertidal areas during low tide. Great for families to explore and discover many interesting plants and animals that are usually not found elsewhere, and no special equipment required!

The best time to visit the shores would be with the outgoing tide, where the lower the tide, the larger the expanse of shore exposed and wider a variety of shorelife to be seen. Moreover, outgoing tides also mean clearer waters as the tide falls.

We recommend visiting with an experienced and trained guide as they’re more familiar with the area and can show you more during the short period of the low tide. Also, they’re able to tell you how to keep safe, minimise your impact on the small animals and growing plants (they’re still wildlife!) so that it is as enjoyable as possible.

Contrary to dry sandy beaches, please DO NOT walk barefoot or wear slippers or sandals during such trips as you’ll be exposing yourself to all sorts of hazards. Please ensure that you’re wearing shoes such as diving booties, wellingtons and even sports shoes with shoelaces.

Images: Decathlon and Lululemon

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