Ways to Regain Mask-free Confidence In A More Beautiful You

With the further easing of community Safe Measurement Measures (SMMs) as well as the adjustment of our DORSCON level from Orange to Yellow, it looks like going mask-free would be the next big step all would be eager to take in the road towards normalcy.

However, it has been observed that an overwhelming 93% of Singaporeans still supported the wearing of masks indoors. In fact, even as recently as the beginning of the month, the majority of Singaporeans still opted to shield their faces despite the relaxation of the mask-wearing mandate outdoors. The reason? Many feel that wearing a mask actually boosts their appearance – as similarly suggested by a study done in the UK, which concluded that women found men more attractive with their masks on. So severe is the present “mask-fishing” endemic that people have reportedly grown more self-conscious and increasingly anxious over the need to bare their face – and therefore expose their skin insecurities and perceived appearance flaws – after 2 long years of hiding behind a mask.

If you feel the need to hide behind your mask, here are some ways that you can take to regain your mask-free confidence and be a more beautiful, confident you!

Get literally younger with Rejuvant LifeTabs by Regenosis

Backed by a large panel of established doctors, dieticians and scientists, Regenosis seeks to renew one’s faith and confidence in themselves by addressing the underlying damages that are accumulated over time in their bodies through holistic and highly-personal rejuvenation programmes. From utilising cutting-edge medtech like DNA sequencing to fully customise a health and beauty routine for each client down to the molecular level, to more “low-fi” programmes like doctor-guided dietary and fitness regimes, Regenosis seeks to influence the external factors that cause skin ageing, physical blemishes and ill-health, to achieve a wholly natural look that predates one’s true age.

Together with their Chief Scientific Officer, Professor Brian Kennedy, a Professor in the Departments of Biochemistry and Physiology at NUS and Director of the Centre for Healthy Longevity in NUHS, Regenosis co-discovered and created Rejuvant LifeTabs at Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Rejuvant LifeTabs help rejuvenate one’s body and maintain vitality by introducing Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG) into their diet, which extends lifespan and prolongs one’s healthiest years by retarding age-related disease (Wu et al., 2016). Due to its use of Calcium-AKG, Rejuvant LifeTabs is the only health supplement in the world to be clinically-proven to reverse biological age by 7 to 8 years (Demidenko et al., 2021). Rejuvant LifeTabs has been shown to provide more energy, better sleep, weight loss, bodybuilding effects, and more youthful skin for its consumers.

Rejuvant LifeTabs does not exclusively cater to the elderly but rather to anyone who is looking to live life healthily – akin to the prime of the youth – by boosting vitality and preventing age-related diseases from internal ailments to skin woes, which could plague more than just one’s physical well-being, but their mental health as well.

All one has to do is to take 2 tablets in the morning (with or without food) and then see the results! Best part? You need not take any additional Vitamin D or Calcium supplements with Rejuvant LifeTabs.

We were lucky enough to get a bottle to sample and after a week, we do notice that one’s skin is not as oily as usual and while there were still a few pimple breakouts due to the mask, they were relatively small and went down after a couple of days without any scarring. We were looking forward to the other effects but alas, we did not experience any weight loss nor an increase in energy levels. Perhaps these would take a longer time to take effect but we’re definitely reaping the skin benefits!

For more information or to purchase Rejuvant LifeTabs, do visit their website https://rejuvantasia.com.

Hydrate as you cleanse with ReFa FINE BUBBLE S shower head

Following its successful debut launch in Japan with 1 million pieces sold, ReFa unveils Singapore’s first gentle cleansing shower head, featuring an innovative Japanese Double Cavitation Technology that leverages ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles to gently penetrate deep into the skin’s surface to remove impurities and hydrate the skin during showers.

Singapore’s hot and humid weather and constant mask-wearing make the perfect recipe for clogged pores and acne breakouts. Designed with skincare in mind, ReFa’s FINE BUBBLE S shower head helps to supplement beauty routines, even for sensitive skin types. Certified by the Fine Bubble Industries Association, its proprietary Japanese Fine Bubble Technology creates a hydrophobic interaction between the ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles to gently remove impurities from the skin and unclog pores, without causing the skin any stress.

Simultaneously, the bubbles help to further hydrate the skin, increasing the water content of the outer skin layer by up to 36% immediately after use. With up to 68 million ultrafine and microbubbles gently embracing the skin, the body is also able to stay warm for a longer period of time than it does after an ordinary bath, as the bubbles stick to the skin’s surface, delicately stimulating it to improve overall blood circulation for healthier, radiant skin.

The ReFa FINE BUBBLE S shower head comes with four separate spray patterns that can be customised to meet a variety of needs:

  1. Mist: For sensitive areas of your skin, the mist-like spray gently cleanses the skin to avoid irritation. Suitable for babies and fur-babies as well.
  2. Jet: Comfortable water pressure on the skin and scalp for a refreshing shower with improved blood circulation.
  3. Rain: A gentle shower that envelops you from head to toe like a warm hug, perfect for a long therapeutic shower after a long day
  4. Powerful Rain: For a more powerful, massaging shower, the Powerful Rain spray offers an invigorating shower experience by rinsing off more of your skin at one go.

The ReFa FINE BUBBLE S shower head can be easily installed by attaching it to a universal, standard size shower hose and holder, without requiring a change in filter.

The ReFa FINE BUBBLE S shower head is now available online at www.refa.com.sg, Shopee and Lazada, retailing at S$399.

Get skin smart with the new FOREO LUNA™ play smart 2

We all know that there isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to skincare, hence FOREO has come up with the new LUNA™ play smart 2 that has innovative smart skin sensors that measure and analyse one’s skin’s moisture levels in each area of the face to create a completely customised cleansing routine that evolves with your skin’s needs – helping to balance your skin’s natural moisture over time.

The palm-sized device has thin, ultra-soft and non-abrasive bristles powered by FOREO’s patented T-Sonic™ pulsations that gently massage to remove up to 99.5% of dirt, oil, sweat and makeup residue from the skin. Thus, ensuring that your skin is clean and will absorb all the products that you apply and ensuring the best results so that you can show your best mask-free face to the world.

The LUNA™ play smart 2 (S$145) is available in four hues on the FOREO Official Store on Lazada, Sephora.sg, Shopee, and all premium beauty stores such as ZALORA, TANGS, Takashimaya and Motherswork.

Prep your pearly whites with Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste

If you are going mask-free, it’s not just your skin but your smile that people will notice and that’s where you need to make sure that your teeth aren’t stained. Dr Wolff Group has recently launched in Singapore, the Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste and Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste PLUS that contains 20% hydroxyapatite (HAP), which is an active ingredient that takes a natural approach to remineralising teeth. HAP has been well-researched and proven clinically to reduce oral health issues such as sensitive teeth, gum disease and aiding to prevent cavities.

Additionally, HAP-based toothpaste has cosmetic benefits when used twice daily such as removing teeth discolouration caused from nicotine, red wine, tea or coffee. So now you can “brush back” your teeth’s enamel and get your smile back when you go mask-free!

The Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste and Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste PLUS are the only toothpastes from Germany to contain 20% HAP, also known as biomimetic enamel and will be made available online exclusively at Dr. Wolff’s Asia website https://shop.dr-wolff.asia/collections/bioniq. Singapore is the first country that the product has been made available in Asia.

Images: Envato (Header), Dr Wolff Group, FOREO, ReFa and The Wellness Insider

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