How a Massage Therapist Helped 1,000 Previously Infertile Mothers Conceive

“You can just take care of your reproductive health when you want to conceive.”

“You can increase the chances of pregnancy by doing a handstand after having sex.”

“It’s fine, your diet and bad smoking habits don’t impact your fertility.”


These were only some of the many frustrating fertility misconceptions that Wendy Liu has heard in her long struggle with conceiving.

For 4 years, it was a difficult and guilt-filled journey for Wendy who had dreams of becoming a mother. That is until she stumbled upon massage therapy that was meant to improve her reproductive health. And this gamble to try out this therapy worked as she always fondly recalls the first moment she laid eyes on her firstborn. Now a proud mother of 3 healthy boys,  massage therapy was there to accompany her through her birth journey, before and after.

Inspired by the miracle of birth she had received from the therapist, she developed an interest in this art of massage therapy. She did her research and even signed up for wellness massage courses with Republic Polytechnic and Spatec Academy to learn the mastery of how to naturally increase the body’s fertility through massage therapy. And after being in the field for 16 years as a massage therapist herself, she set up Highlander Wellness Centre in 2019 and now is well on her way to spreading the word of her skill to help other women across the country. Through her massage therapy services, she hopes to help more women like herself find another source of comfort that can help them in their birth journey.

While the joy of her customers’ labour is often shared with her through grateful private messages, Wendy believes that fertility wellness for women is not just for conception, and certainly does not just conclude at the birth of a cute baby. Rather, it is a long-term journey that can be enriched by massage therapy. Through Highlander Wellness Centre’s 4-in-1 treatment, every customer receives a personalised treatment from Wendy to encourage blood flow to the womb for a healthier reproductive system and proper healing in the womb. This is especially helpful for ladies who have undergone multiple pregnancies or previous abortions. On top of this, Wendy has also helped women who are experiencing very painful periods through the traditional massage techniques that help to balance the hormones.

The journey to help women through their reproductive health journeys has not always been smooth. Although not many, Wendy has also experienced customers who wanted to stop their treatments the moment they got pregnant. Whenever this happens, Wendy takes the time to explain how these treatments help with reproductive health, beyond just pregnancy. To date, Wendy has earned the trust of more than 1,000 mothers, helping them through their fertility journey, and with her dedication and experience, she’s more motivated than ever to help more women like her through their fertility and wellness journey.

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Images: Highlander Wellness Centre and Wendy Liu

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