Smartwatches That Have Oximeters to Detect Sleep Apnea?

We’re very familiar with smartwatches such as Apple’s iWatch, Garmin and Fitbit, and the advantages of smart devices are plentiful. Now, what if a manufacturer of medical appliances were to come up with their own smartwatches? That’s what Singapore brand BUZUD, Fosun Trade Medical Device, did, and their next-generation models of DM01 and DM02 can detect blood oxygen levels and monitor sleep quality with its SpO2 technology. The feature-rich smartwatches have highly sensitive sensors that provide accurate health data insights, for both consumers actively seeking to manage their wellness and health conditions, and for fitness enthusiasts.

SpO2 Oximeter Sensor detects sleep apnea

Developed together with medical professionals, the DM01 and DM02 have been validated in clinical studies and tested on 3,000 people in a clinical trial conducted by doctors. The SpO2 oximeter sensor measures oxygen saturation levels while the user is still or sleeping. The measurement of the percentage of oxygen in the blood, and sleep patterns help to determine if there is a dip in oxygen levels during sleep—which can mean a condition called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where breathing is interrupted briefly and repeatedly.

Our DM01 and DM02 smartwatches enable the optimal monitoring of consumers’ health, unlocking the innovative ability to alert users that they might have sleep apnea, paving the way to help people better track and manage their health,”

– Mr Frankie Fan, founder, CEO and CTO of BUZUD, Fosun Trade Medical Device

Mr Fan added, “These feature-rich smartwatches place powerful monitoring capabilities in a small form factor accessible on a wrist. Our innovations strive to help even more people manage their wellness and reach their fitness goals faster.”

We at The Wellness Insider also reckon that if the oximeter also detects low blood oxygen during the day, it might also be a good alert that the wearer may be ill and needs medical attention.

Health and workout tracking

Besides the oximeter, most people would get a smartwatch for the fitness tracking as well. As such, BUZUD’s DM02 smartwatch is the brand’s most advanced health and fitness tracker with a high-definition, 1.69” IPS (in-plane switching) full-colour touchscreen and customisable watch face and strap colours.

The DM01 smartwatch is an affordable and versatile smartwatch for users who want an easy-to-use device with key features. Equipped with a colour screen and responsive button, the stylish and customisable watch face allows consumers to stay focused on their health and fitness goals.

Both DM01 and DM02 provide insights into wellbeing through a Health Metrics dashboard by transmitting data via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection to a mobile app on both Android and iOS. This dashboard provides insights into health data and can help identify any changes in sleep patterns that can be caused by a lack of sleep or increased stress levels.

Through the Bluetooth connection, the DM01 and DM02 smartwatches support the receiving of text messages and call alerts from the mobile phone.

“The growing global drive for healthier lifestyles amid this Covid-19 situation is prompting many to better manage stress and improve health. As a result, these smartwatches are part of our focus on introducing products that empower people to take proactive steps to be healthy both physically and mentally,” said Mr Fan.

Where to get them

Both DM01 and DM02 smartwatches are now available with the DM01 priced at S$94.16 and the DM02 priced at S$243.96 (GST included). They can be purchased online from Buzud.Roffe Lazada Store as well as in person at their retail store located at 585 North Bridge Road #01-02, Raffles Hospital, Singapore 188770.

For more information, please visit their website

Images: BUZUD, Fosun Trade Medical Device

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