Cordlife Gives Free Eyescreen Tests to Over 80 Children From Canossaville

In line with the week-long national movement SG Cares Giving Week in December, consumer healthcare company catering to families Cordlife Group Limited (“Cordlife” or the “Company” and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) will be partnering with Canossaville Children and Community Services (“Canossaville”), a social service agency in MacPherson. Cordlife will be raising funds through a donation drive to improve the lives of the children and families in Canossaville’s care, and providing free Eyescreen™ tests for up to 80 children from Canossaville Preschool.

“Building and nurturing close ties with the community has been of vital importance to Cordlife and we have been organising donation drives since 2015.” said Ms Janice Ong, Chief Executive Officer at Cordlife. “With Eyescreen™ – one of Cordlife’s core services, we believe that the key to a better life is better sight and hope to bring good vision to all as a starting point. While celebrating Cordlife’s 20th anniversary, it also brings us great joy and privilege to be a part of Canossaville’s 80th anniversary milestone, and a meaningful way to make positive change towards building a better, brighter future for the children.”

Building on the theme of Cordlife’s ‘We are family’ campaign this year, the initiative is aligned with their commitment to act as a responsible business to generate positive impacts on its communities. By offering complimentary Eyescreen™ tests for the children and an educational eye care webinar at Canossaville, Cordlife aims to provide support for parents to help identify and assess adverse eye health and its potential impact as early as possible to forge the path of mitigating those detriments responsibly. This is particularly crucial and relevant today when paediatric myopia is on the rise due to the induced longer screen usage during home-based online learning activities and stay-at-home strategies to overcome the COVID-19 endemic.

Taking place from 19 November to 13 December this year, Cordlife will be raising funds through a donation drive, with all proceeds going to Canossaville. “The funds raised will go a long way in supporting neurotypical children and those with hearing loss and multiple disabilities by providing them an inclusive environment for learning and play,” said Sr Theresa Seow, Executive Director of Canossaville. “We are ever grateful to our supporters such as Cordlife who believe in our mission and enable us to keep our doors open for those who need our help.”

As a global company with a strong belief of giving back to the community, Cordlife has also been aware of their social responsibility to the healthcare sector and have often attempted to inculcate a vivid sense of community amongst its clients and staff whilst celebrating the spirit of familial ties over the last two decades.

To support Canossaville Children and Community Services, Cordlife Group appeals to the public to join in this cause. For more information, visit:

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