Awareness on How to Beat the Asthma Blues

The Asthma & Allergy Association (AAA), a patient-centred organisation for people with asthma and allergies in Singapore, and the Healthy Lung initiative, has launched an awareness campaign video featuring three local personalities. The new film is part of a wider campaign called ‘Beat the Asthma Blues’ and features local personalities who have asthma or have a loved one with asthma sharing their experiences.Beat the Asthma Blues was launched by AAA Singapore in May 2020, urging patients to reduce their reliance on the blue inhaler and live life to the fullest. This video is the latest in the series of content promoting good asthma management and encourages those with the condition to take a simple step to understand the risks of overreliance on the blue inhaler, known as SABA (Short-Acting Beta Agonist).

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory airway disease that affects approximately 5% and 20% of adults and children in Singapore1. It can cause serious symptoms which can affect daily lives and make people feel down. Using the blue inhaler more than three times a week is an indication that asthma isn’t under control, putting people at risk of an asthma attack while masking the worsening symptoms.3

The three personalities featured in the video include singer and entrepreneur Taufik Batisah (@taufikbatisah), whose wife has asthma, content creator and entrepreneur Ang Qiuting (@bongqiuqiu) who has asthma, as well as Preeti Nair (@preetipls), local comedian and content creator who was featured together with her mother – Sarah Nair, who has asthma. They each shared about the impact of asthma can have on their lives, and how they can better support their loved ones who have the condition.


“I was very young when my mum’s asthma was at its worst and remember feeling really scared as a child in primary school. When I got older and my mum managed her condition better, I started to understand what asthma really was, and I was glad she wasn’t super reliant on the blue inhaler anymore. It would help if your loved ones are aware of your condition, so they can help support you along the way. I’m really glad to be part of this meaningful campaign and hope that those with asthma can continue to live their lives to the fullest, just like my mum,” shared Preeti.

“Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that needs to be managed well. A recent survey showed that almost two thirds (62%) of adult respondents with asthma think using the blue inhaler is the best way to manage their asthma2. However – while the blue inhaler helps to deal with symptoms of asthma like wheezing and breathlessness, it does not manage the underlying cause of asthma attacks which is best treated with preventer inhalers (also known as controller inhalers). We hope that through this video, more patients with asthma are inspired to take action to check their reliance on the blue inhaler, and visit their doctors for advice,” said Dr Adrian Chan, President of the AAA Singapore.

Those with asthma can take the Blue Reliever Reliance test here and share their results with their doctors. Patients should not stop or change asthma medication without consulting their healthcare professional. More information is also available on the AAA Singapore page.


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Image and Video: Asthma & Allergy Association Singapore

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