A Book to Raise Eye Health Awareness

From a young age in Singapore, it has been ingrained in many of us to visit the dentist at least twice yearly to keep teeth healthy, but there is not as much emphasis for regular eye checks apart from the occasional advice to reduce activities that strain the eyes. The eyes are windows to the body’s health, and performing most daily tasks would be challenging or even impossible with impaired vision, yet there is not enough emphasis placed on eye health.

Authored by ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Dr Claudine Pang, Medical Director of Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre and Founder of non-profit organisation Eye Care Without Borders, Eye Care For All is an effort by Dr Pang to challenge the disposition and lack of priority placed on eye health due to the assumption that nothing is wrong with our eyes as long as we can see because many eye conditions can be silent until it becomes too late.

Eye Care For All is a 170-page easy-to-read, illustrated guide, that culminates basic eye care tips and insights to commonly posed questions regarding eye concerns and conditions, drawing from Dr Pang’s 18 years of clinical experience and international exposure. Organised into two main sections, the first section of “Common Eye Concerns” is a 5-minute question-and-answer guide that addresses the most common eye symptoms and their salient features; while the second section, “Common Eye Conditions”, delves deeper into common eye diseases that affect the population.

Launching in conjunction with Vision Awareness Month and World Sight Day this October to share tips on caring for the eyes, Eye Care For All is now available at leading bookstores and newsstands, in soft cover (S$5) and hard cover (S$25) versions. Proceeds from the sale of the hard cover will go towards the charitable efforts of Eye Care Without Borders to empower the public to contribute to underprivileged communities.

To find out more about Eye Care Without Borders, please visit their website https://www.eyecarewithoutborders.com.

Images: Eye Care for All and Eye Care Without Borders

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