Read This Before Getting a Massage Gun…as of 2021

It has been a year since we put three massage guns to the test and throughout this year, we have heard some people discussing about getting more cheaper massage guns while others have praised the quality and effectiveness of the premium brands. As such, we thought that it is about time to do another review where we pit the premium Theragun against our previous champion, the Hydragun, as well as the cost effective RecoverFun Plus. Will Hydragun still remain the winner? Is it worth paying more? Or can we gain the same benefits from a lower priced brand? We give you the low-down and our unbiased review. Do note that the review below is a summary of three users who have been using various price-ranged massage guns for years and we are also the same folks who did the previous review.

The lineup and review

As you can see from the header image, the top is the Theragun Pro followed by the local brand Hydragun and then the RecoverFun Plus (from US$169). Once more, all three massage guns offer percussion speeds of 1200 to 3200 RPM so we will mention the main differences so that you get a summary of the features.

Type Cost The good The not-so-good Overall score
Theragun Pro ~S$800
  • The ability to angle the massage head in 4 positions and the triangle handle made it possible to reach further down one’s back because you can hold it in various manners and there wasn’t any strain on our hands, wrists or arms
  • The pummelling from the Theragun Pro is a lot deeper compared to the Hydragun or the RecoverFun Plus thanks to its 16mm amplitude
  • The muscles did not hurt as much even when put to the top speed
  • Ability to see the force as you press down the massage head (more useful if you’re using this on someone else instead of when you’re self-massaging)
  • Has a Supersoft™ attachment which is an ultra-gentle option for sensitive or sore spots and areas near bones or joints
  • Has an app which integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit so that you can gain more health benefits/information besides a good massage
  • The price…
  • Heaviest at 1.4kg
  • Not as quiet as the Hydragun
  • You get 2 batteries, each with 2.5 hours. It is not that convenient compared to having a single battery with a longer battery life
  • The lightest at 1.04kg
  • Still the quietest of the group
  • All the good stuff we waxed lyrical in our previous review
  • Longest battery life of up to 6 hours
  • Longest warranty period of 1.5 years
  • 12mm amplitude…but you still get a strong massage and is actually more comfortable compared to the RecoverFun Plus
RecoverFun Plus US$169
  • The price
  • 13mm amplitude, which is technically supposed to give you a stronger massage
  • Second heaviest at 1.13kg
  • The battery can be removed so you can get a back up battery, if necessary
  • Relatively good single battery life of more than 3.5 hours

  • It hurt the most when being pummelled by the RecoverFun Plus and was not as deep as the Theragun Pro
  • While the foam heads were bouncy, we still preferred the stainless steel ones from Hydragun, especially when wearing a T-shirt
  • The 90° handle means that the grip isn’t that natural so there is still a bit of a strain when massaging your shoulders or back
  • Not as quiet as the Hydragun
  • Different warranty periods for various parts (1 year for the device and motor; 6 months for the batteries and 90 days for the attachments)


And the winner is…Theragun Pro!

Why this was a difficult decision

We still love the HYDRAGUN!! But when compared to the Theragun Pro, we really enjoyed the deeper massage and the ergonomic handle and adjustable massage heads. The price of the Theragun Pro is definitely a huge minus point, which is why it was easy to give it a 9 out of 10.

As for the RecoverFun Plus, it was very similar to the Hyperice (which we reviewed previously) but had more benefits such as a longer battery life, 6 speeds, carrying case included and at a very affordable price.

So if we had to rank all the 5 massage guns that we’ve tested thus far, it’ll be:

  1. Theragun Pro
  3. RecoverFun Plus
  4. Hyperice
  5. Chinese OEM

In an ideal world, we’d have a hybrid massage gun that’s not crazy expensive but has all the things that we love about all the brands. However, that’s not the case.

Our advice is, if you currently have a Hyperice and love it…it might be time to change to it’s upgraded cousin – RecoverFun Plus. If you can afford about S$100 more, then go for the HYDRAGUN because the 99° handle and quietness of it will make your massage time a lot more enjoyable. The Theragun Pro is meant for those who have gotten their bonus or can simply afford it. But we’re not the likes of Cristian Ronaldo or Maria Sharapova…so we’re sticking to our mid-range massage guns!

Where to get the massage guns


The massage guns mentioned can be purchased at:

Theragun Pro
RecoverFun Plus


Do note that there might be extra delivery charges involved and is best to check on the brands’ websites.

Stay safe and massage on!!

Images: The Wellness Insider, Theragun and RecoverFun

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