Want a Budget-friendly Cooling Solution?

With the recent hot spat that Singapore has been experiencing, some of us are either hiding away in our air-conditioned rooms or suffering slightly with a fan blowing in our faces. Doesn’t help that most of us are still working from home, with children at home due to the holidays…sounds like the utility bills are going to soar again, right? But is there a budget-friendly cooling solution that is also sustainable? The short answer is, YES.

Close Comfort is an Australian and Singapore-based start-up, founded by Professor James Trevelyan, with a mission of providing affordable yet efficient and sustainable cooling solutions. Professor James is an academic who has developed a unique way of cooling, based on human biology an energy efficiency after 12 years of research.

In the summer of 2013, Professor James arrived at the foot of the Himalayas to conduct tests in some of the hottest areas in Pakistan. Despite nightly indoor temperatures that never went below 40°C (with 70-80% humidity), the results exceeded initial expectations. After two further years of market research, in addition to testing in different countries and climatic conditions, the first Close Comfort units went on sale in 2016.

Compared to traditional air-conditioners, the Cool Focus (the portable air-conditioner) costs less than $0.60 for a full 9-hour operation (saving 75-85% of electricity use), uses 80% less refrigerants and emits 50% less CO2 thanks to its unique and patented eco-friendly cooling technology. It also provides an optimal temperature of 22°C, which has been proven to be not too hot or too cold to maximise productivity. Moreover, conventional air-conditioners do not provide any fresh air as they just recirculate stale room air but with Close Comfort, you can use it even with open windows to allow fresh air to circulate.

At night, you can use the Igloo Bed Tent (as pictured above) which has been custom designed to intensify the cooling from Cool Focus. It is a convenient self-erecting tent that fits double to king sized beds with a chemical-free mosquito protection, allowing you to sleep in optimal condition. Definitely a budget-friendly cooling system that will keep you in comfort!

The Cool Focus personal cooling solution and the Igloo Bed Tent can be purchased via Close Comfort’s website as well as on Lazada and Shopee.

Images: Close Comfort and Envato (header)

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