Post Lunar New Year Detox Tips

The bulk of Lunar New Year feasting has just passed and if you’re feeling a little bloated, or wanting to get back to your fitness goals, here are some tips on get back on track!

Juice up

All the feasting during the Lunar New Year may mean an increase in blood cholesterol and one way to aid the lowering would be to consume more antioxidants and fibre. However, it may be impossible to eat 3 apples or a whole beetroot in a sitting. As such, why not juice them so that you can reap the benefits in a cup? Jus Juice It has come up with a few concoctions that can help.

Wheatgrass is considered a superfood and it helps to boost metabolism, lower cholesterol and aids in digestion. Beetroot is a great source of fibre and will improve blood flow and lower blood pressure while all the berries are rich in antioxidants that can also help to lower cholesterol levels from all the CNY goodies consumed.

Drink more plain water

After drinking all the sugary or caffeinated drinks over the Lunar New Year weekend, it is important to help our body flush out all the toxins by drinking more plain water as well. This will also prevent any possible sugar addiction caused by a weekend binge of all those CNY goodies too.

Walk more

We all know how walking is good for us and it is also a low impact exercise that can help you to get back to your exercise regime at a more reasonable pace without injury. You want your exercise regime to be sustainable over the long run and if you rush back into say, a 2.4km run, when you previously have not done so, you will be doing your body more harm than good. As such, start with long walks and then progress from there.

Moreover, taking walks with your loved ones also serves as a way to bond while enjoying some fresh air and scenery!

Get good quality rest

We’re not talking the usual 8 hours in bed because even if you’re physically in bed for 8 hours, you may be tossing and turning or snoring – all of which affects your sleep. Instead of stressing over the number of hours in bed, aim to have good quality sleep by ensuring that your room is cool enough, dark, quiet and that there aren’t any mobile devices near you while you sleep.

If you have trouble falling asleep in the first place, you might want to start turning down the lights (use warm lights) from 8pm onwards, spritz a bit of lavender essential oil on your pillowcase or bedsheet and drink a warm cup of chamomile tea about an hour before you’re ready to go to bed.

Sleep is important because that’s when your body repairs itself and further detoxes, which is important when you’re trying to lose the post Lunar New Year bulge.

Images: Envato, Jus Juice It and Unsplash



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