New platform SuperMom Spreads Holiday Cheer to Single-Parent Families

The newly launched crowd-influencing platform by was created with the purpose of empowering parents with a channel to share about the brands they love and use in their daily lives. SuperMom Voices pledges to similarly empower 63 single-parent families from HCSA SPIN (Single Parents INformed, INvolved, INcluded) in a non-profit CSR event on 26 December 2020, Saturday.

With the generous support of’s partnered merchants, SuperMom Voices has gathered various donations for baby and kids products which range from feeding sets, playsets, and other necessities.

These brands include Pigeon, Evorie, Bloom & Grow, Crayola, Mattel Lalaboom, Huggies, Our Button Nose, Busy Mat, Oldam Wipes.

Notable personalities have also pledged their support to this upcoming project. Jade Rasif, Melissa Celestine Koh, Francesca Tanmizi, Amanda Griffin and many others have volunteered to be secret santas and santarinas on the event day.

Sylvia Chou, Communications Manager at HCSA Dayspring SPIN, says, “With Christmas just around the corner and the season of joy and gift-giving in full swing, the collaboration between SuperMom Voices and HCSA Dayspring SPIN is an apt and timely one. Many single-parent families juggle between taking care of their children and managing the household on their own, especially during the school holidays. This usually means that they do not have the luxury to plan and shop for additional accessories for their children. We are grateful for SuperMom Voices’ kind goodwill towards the single-parent families under our care, for curating gift items and making the necessary arrangements to bring the presents to their households.”

On top of bringing joy through gifts and presents, SuperMom Voices also hopes to be of long-term help to their beneficiaries by encouraging them to adopt the SuperMom Voices platform as a means to generate supplementary income to cover some of their daily expenses, especially during these difficult times.

While the effects of the pandemic continue to reverberate, we understand the impact on the parenting community, especially the more vulnerable ones who may need additional support during this period. We hope to approach, engage and empower our beneficiaries with not only gifts, but resources via the SuperMom Voices platform that will help them in the long-term.”

– Joan Ong, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SuperMom

SuperMom Voices manages a local database of over 10,000 Key Opinion Mothers (KOMs), with an outreach of over one million mothers. The crowd-influencing platform not only appoints these mothers as ambassadors to brands but also nurtures their social channels’ growth and exposure to bigger opportunities with renowned parenting brands.

SuperMom Voices is slated to launch in Indonesia on 26 December 2020, with the potential of impacting and empowering millions more parents through its programmes.

Images: Envato and SuperMom


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