EatRoamLive Launches New Vegan Marketplace in Singapore

EatRoamLive has launched the ERL Vegan Marketplace with a mission to encourage people to shop better and support ethical, sustainable businesses. Besides all products on the Marketplace being 100% plant-based, there is also a strong focus on health and wellness, and sustainability.

Brands and products available on the ERL Marketplace are carefully chosen after ensuring that they are ethical, cruelty-free and follow sustainable practices. The vast majority of products on offer are heathier and clean – devoid of preservatives, nasties and even refined sugar. There is a wide range of Organic and Gluten-free products available, along with Ayurveda and TCM based products as well.

Already a guide to all things vegan and vegetarian, EatRoamLive has now expanded its vision further, to bring together 30 local Singaporean and international brands under one “roof” so customers have access to hundreds of quality products at one place. For customers who are consciously seeking healthier, sustainable, plant-based products, the ERL Marketplace offers a wide array of vegan products – cashew cheese, dairy-free ice-cream, plant-based milks, healthy spreads and nut butters, gluten-free & dairy-free cakes & chocolates, superfoods, pantry essentials, fresh organic produce and so much more.

Furthermore, the ERL Marketplace minimises the use of single-use plastics. Orders are delivered in either paper bags, recycled cardboard boxes or reusable plastic boxes, which are washed and reused for future deliveries. The majority of the brands and products use sustainable, biodegradable packaging.

The ERL Marketplace is now available at

Images: EatRoamLive


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