Best Ways to Keep Fit at Home

Many Singaporeans exercise regularly as a way to relax at the end of a long day as well as to keep their immune systems strong. But fears of the COVID-19 have deterred many from their regular fitness classes while many studios have shut down temporarily.

Thankfully, you don’t need a gym or even equipment, to get your exercise in! With the blessing of the internet, we have access to a plethora of resources so that we can keep fit without stepping out of the house.

Here are 4 resources you can use that will be sure to help you break a sweat and keep fit even as we stay indoors.

1. Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort, Phuket

Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort has launched a series of daily online fitness classes for people to enjoy for free, without using any equipment. You can choose from a wide range of exercises, including high energy HIIT sessions, Muay Thai, yoga classes and more!

Available via live stream on Thanyapura’s Facebook page twice-daily, each class includes a warm-up and main exercise, before ending with a cool-down and stretches. The live videos range from 30 to 60 minutes, and weekly class schedules can be viewed on their website.

Thanyapura will also be launching private sessions with their trainers from Thanyapura’s 360 portal on their website.


2. Centr

Here is a chance to look like Thor in the touch of a screen! Chris Hemsworth has released his fitness app for free for a limited period so that people can build their own superhero bodies at home. Each workout range from 20 – 40 minutes, including HIIT, yoga, mixed martial arts, and more. And in the spirit of spreading health and happiness, there are also training experts, nutritional advice, chefs, meditation teachers, and sleep visualisations.

From US$26.98/ month, US$54.98/ 3 months (U.P US$80.94) or US$109.98/ year (U.P $323.76);

3. ClassPass Go

A fitness app created by ClassPass that connects you to fitness classes such as HIIT, running, cycling yoga and more. But what is more special about this app is the customisability that is available.

Not only are you able to choose your favourite songs while working up a sweat; the app also allows you to filter your workouts based on class duration, level of intensity, and calories burned.

US$7.99/ month or US$47.99/ year;

4. Evolve MMA

Everyone’s well-loved Martial Arts studio is going virtual! Receive free classes from world champion martial artists everyday. Take the chance to learn all types of fight techniques, from Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and boxing to MMA and Warrior Fit.

Find their classes on their Facebook and Youtube Pages and kick your way to better immunity today!


Images: Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort, Domaincle, ClassPass and EVOLVE MMA

5. Singapore Sports Hub

As part of their exciting community engagement strategy to bond people through sports, the Singapore Sports Hub has released a unique virtual workout experience for everyone. The workouts posted on their website are extremely diverse. Sweat it out with a fun cardio dance or work those muscles with some strength training, you will definitely be able to find something for anyone of any age!

Free; Singapore Sports Hub

Images: Thanyapura Health and Sports Resort, Domaincle, ClassPass,  EVOLVE MMA and Singapore Sports Hub


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