Manage Your Weight With New Fat-burning Oil

Cold-pressed oils are not new in the market and many of us are familiar with olive oil and coconut oil. But, did you know that the Sacha Inchi oil can help you manage your weight?

Sacha Inchi is one of the richest plant-based sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, which is known to regulate cortisol levels. This helps to reduce sugar cravings and lose weight. It is one of the few pure cold-pressed oils which contains Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids.

Dried fruit of Sacha-Inchi with seeds

Largely cultivated in Peru, Sacha Inchi is a star-shaped fruit and is known for its seeds. The Sacha Inchi seeds and flesh from the fruit is cold-pressed at below 45 degree celsius to ensure that it retains a higher quantity of nutrients.

The cold-pressing process filters out any impurities from the oil so that it can be kept fresher for longer. The result is a nourishing oil with a mild and nutty texture.

“Most of our consumers are actively looking for cold-pressed oils either because they have health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and may sometimes be advised by doctors; or health-conscious individuals who are searching for superfoods to supplement their diets,” said Winnie Khoo, Manager, Farmgrocer.

Sacha Inchi oils may help to balance cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, promote cardiovascular health and treat rheumatic pain.

How to add Sacha Inchi oils to your diet

If you would like to incorporate Sacha Inchi oils into your diet, you can either take it straight from the spoon or drizzle it over salads and blend it into smoothies.

Those who prefer to eat the Sacha Inchi seeds as a snack can also do so as developed by local snack company Nibbles.


Where to get Sacha Inchi products

The oils by Farmgrocer are priced at S$30 for a 250ml bottle and are available online at Farmgrocer’s online store and Redmart or physically at NTUC Hypermart, NTUC Finest, Hock Hua Tonic stores.

The Sacha Inchi seeds snacks are priced at S$2.50 for a 35g bag and are available at HAO mart, Organic Stores as as well as Farmgrocer’s online store.

Images: Farmgrocer


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