Is Blogging Fun for You? Forming a Friendship with it

A few years back, blogging wasn’t an influential career option. It used to be a sound habit to express thoughts, a platform to report the society or industrial issues, or sharing valuable things with the readers.

But today, the success of bloggers such as Brian Dean, Neil Patel, John Chow, and Ryan Bidduplph has made Gen Z think gravely of blogging as a lucrative career option.

Yes, blogging is a trending entrepreneurship option today. A personal blog can become an extra source of income, and this made numerous bloggers quit their jobs to start a solopreneurship journey.

But this post wouldn’t talk about successful bloggers’ journey or their inspirational traits.

Not all bloggers want to become entrepreneurs. And not every internet user has to get into it just for the sake of ‘Be Your Own Boss’ sort of theory and turning it into a profitable full-time job.

For many of us, blogging is just a hobby. And being a hobby, regular blogging positively affects the mental health of a person.

It’s completely different from business blogging.

When you love blogging as a hobby rather than a career, you don’t have any analytical pressure. You’re not bound with writing topics, the number of weekly posts, Google Analytics numbers associated with visitors’ demographics, and other technical website metrics.

Thus, creative thinking flows into your writing.

When you habitually start blogging, you don’t expect what comes next. You’ve naturally driven away from any optimisation or advertising headaches and never get tired of doing so. You write what you love: hiking, adventures, cooking, cycling, music, celebrities, or even spirituality.

As per my understanding, all professionals need this benevolent friend – the blog.

And when I say your blog, it doesn’t mean that you purchase a new domain name, put it up on hosting server, and pay annual money to keep it running.

You can simply use free options like Medium, WordPress, BlogSpot, or Tumblr.

Stay tuned to find out why you should blog happily…

You Can Talk about Your Passion; Creative Pursuits.

You don’t need to pick a specific niche. Express your real thoughts, the real you, and your passion.

A blog may provide you an outlet for creativity. This could be your profession, wildlife photography, fashion opinions, politics, recipe, parenting, or your recent holiday trips, etc.

Blogging can challenge us mentally or physically, which can result in great warmth of achievements.

You can’t get a reason to be happy every day, but your writing habits can do it. You can put up your impressions, express your viewpoint, share your philosophies, note the plans for the development of your hobby.

Writing what concerns you the most empowers you to develop your passion. The more you explore and write about it, the more you’ll be able to dig deep as a person. As a result, you have a gratifying experience.

You Make Connections across the World.

Unlike a diary, you’re not writing only for you. The blogging community is tremendous, where users endeavor new connections in their niche.

In our day-to-day life, we occasionally meet people who share our passion.

A blog can help you find people of your interests, make you involved in the environment of bloggers, which therefore builds your community. Astonishingly, you start to grow your connections and greet new people.

The more posts you write, the more content will appear online, and more fellow bloggers’ requests will arrive. Even brands can reach out to you for reviewing their products in the realm of what you narrate.

New connections inspire you; at the same time, you drive them through your writing, and a pro-active communication flows in. Be ready to provide suggestions, ask their opinions, and collaborate with other bloggers.

It boosts your social influence.

Blogging Strengthens You and Help You Cope with Emotional Concerns.

Blogging assists perfectly in solving your problems and working through emotional issues.

Every person has some problems that distract his or her productivity and cause anxiety.

By writing about what you’re experiencing and going through, you’ll be able to introspect it, resulting in a better understanding of your feelings and let you focus on other important areas of your life.

Simply putting your feelings down can be cathartic.

You can reach different people in your blogging society and discuss the condition that bothers you. A different perspective can give you a couple of handful of guidance for emotion-focused and problem-focused coping.

Reportedly, descriptive writing has been a helpful way for sustaining mental wellness.

You Get Continuous Self Improvement.

When you go to enunciate your voice in a blog post, you’ll regularly come up with recent studies and new scientific theories to cite your sayings. Thus, you’ll get the opportunities for continuous learning, and it dramatically boosts your confidence level.

With regular practice, you’ll become a better communicator and master the skills of time management, self-expression, and inner motivation.

Being generous with your experience and your ideas, you allow other people to grow and develop.

Monetisation; Earning Extra Money Wouldn’t Be Too Hard.

Though your primary goal of blogging wasn’t making money, you still may involve in a couple of features, bringing you some revenue.

Have you heard of a fellow blogger earning a lot through banner advertising, affiliate links, selling e-books, product reviews, endorsements, and consulting services? In the same way, you can tap to cash the popularity of your blog.

Your Turn…

You can see many bloggers to whom blogging was a rewarding experience. Over time, they have been able to improve their writing, knowledge, and find inventive perspectives to share with their readers. It’s the inner enthusiasm and generosity that made Sumit Bansal run Trump Excel sort of blog, which was even noticed by Microsoft.

Your blog can become your best friend, supporter, and a mentor.

Treat it as a platform to grow self-development, communication skills, shove up your confidence, and focus on personal traits that can transform your life better.

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