5 Chic Ways to Spruce Up Your Vanity Space

A chic vanity space can amp up the elegance of any room while maintaining its functionality. Make yours a stylish one-stop solution for all your beauty routine needs with our guide below:

1. Decluttering

Commune’s array of vases and accessories can be repurposed as makeup brush holders with a luxurious spin.


Makeup enthusiasts know the familiar pain of accumulating assortments of products and tools that end up as unsightly clutter. Throw out expired products and broken tools, and store the remaining in stylish holders, trays or baskets to give your vanity a refreshingly clean silhouette.

2. Vanity placement

The Bowen desk’s compact, space-efficient design makes it easy to place it near windows without obstruction. Pair it with the Kendra side chair to douse your room in a mid-century feel.


Vanity placement is another important point to consider. Eliminate the struggle of washed-out makeup looks when you situate your vanity near a natural light source such as a window instead of relying on glaring fluorescents.

3. Seating

(Photo by chunky84) The Samantha lounge chair’s walnut finish and plush fabric upholstery make for a chic yet comfortable seat that complements taller vanities.


For those that spend longer durations at their vanity, a comfortable seat goes a long way in providing much-needed support. Opt for cushioned chairs or stools, and select lightweight options that are easy to push in and out from under the table to save space.

4. Mirror Shapes

Decorative mirrors can brighten up your vanity area and create the illusion of spaciousness. 


Mirrors come in an overwhelming variety- narrow down your choices by considering your needs and preferences. Classic round mirrors can soften the edges of a room, while rectangular frames are perfect for contemporary styles

5. Display your favourites

The Crimson console has ample surface area for displays. Make use of brass trays or repurpose a cake stand as a perfume display stand for a luxuriously quirky look.


A key method to keeping your area clutter-free is to keep your favourite items within easy reach to avoid unnecessary rummaging. Select a vanity that has a wide surface, and use trays, boxes and stands to categorise items. Don’t be afraid to mix materials- metals work harmoniously with a wood vanity and create eye-catching points.


Images: Commune


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