4 Dresses You Need in Your Wardrobe Immediately

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The ultimate symbol of femininity, dresses are must-have garments in every stylish woman’s closet. However, finding the dresses worth investing in can seem quite challenging, and with so many options to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To help out, we’ve narrowed down the options for you and made a list of four different types of dresses you will get the most use out of. Here are our top four picks.

A classic little black dress

black dress
Pink Queen Black Ladies Lace Three Quarter Sleeve Skater Dress US$33.18

There is a reason why the little black dress has become a staple in women’s wardrobe. The black color symbolizes elegance and mystery, and it also has a slimming effect, making it one of the closet must-haves. With the right accessories, an LBD can be worn over and over and always look different. The color is hard to stain and if you take care of it and wash it properly, your LBD can last you for years. A black dress itself looks sophisticated so there’s no need for too many accessories either. Whether you’re heading to work, a wedding, or a night out in the town, keep it simple and rely on shoes and clutches to dress it up, and add a pop of color with a bold red lip and accessories with prints.

A dress you can wear to weddings year-round

Who says you need to buy a new dress every time you’re invited to a wedding? Many of us have wardrobes full of dresses we wore once and simply forgot about them, and if they’re dresses that stand out, you can’t wear them again because it’ll be quite obvious. Instead of wasting your time and money shopping for a dress every single time, invest in a piece you can wear over and over again. A simple, versatile dress you can wear to weddings year-round is a great way to save some money as well as space in your closet. Go for a beige or blush pink dress made from quality materials and look for a simple, classic cut that can be accessorised in various ways and you’ll look classy and chic no matter the season.

A date-night dress to impress your partner

Every woman needs a dress that makes her feel as if she could conquer the world when wearing it, and when it comes to date nights, that’s exactly how she should feel. A dress that makes you feel confident and powerful is a type of dress that can transform you from a sweet and shy girl to a femme fatale in a matter of seconds, leaving your date intrigued and impressed. A must-have for romantic outings, a beautiful Realisation Par dress will help you make a statement and truly transform your confidence. Of course, this can mean different things for every woman – if prints are your cup of tea, go for it, but if you’d rather wear something simple and sleek, go for a one-tone silk dress.

A sweater dress to keep you warm during autumn and winter

sweater dress
Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Midi Sweater Dress US$189.50

When the temperatures plummet and autumn leaves start gracing the ground, all we want is to just curl up in our blankets and feel cozy. However, just because the sweater weather has arrived does not mean you can’t look stylish and chic. That’s when the sweater dresses come in handy – longer versions of their sweater cousins, these dresses are easy to style and can be worn in a number of ways. Pair your knit dress with thigh-high boots and a leather jacket for a cool autumn look, and use coats and blazers to add layers for a perfect winter outfit combination. Whether you prefer rib-knits or simply adore turtlenecks, with sweater dresses, you don’t have to compromise style for comfort.

Quality is more important than quantity, and this is especially true when it comes to dresses. If we’re not careful, our closets can easily start to overflow with all the different dresses we won’t get much use out of. So, next time you go shopping, refer to this guide – it’ll save you both time and money, and help you build an arsenal of versatile dresses you’ll wear for years to come.

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