Basic Tips for Planning a Healthy Wedding Menu

If you want your guests to enjoy your wedding as much as you will, having delicious food on the menu is a must. However, serving delicious food is easy – even pizza is delicious. You want to serve something that is both tasty and healthy, so your guests don’t feel guilty about actually enjoying their meals. With that in mind, here are a few tips that should help you plan a healthy wedding menu.

Tips for planning a healthy wedding menu.

Have enough vegetables and fruits

Make sure you're including enough fruits and veggies in your healthy wedding menu.

At least half of your menu should include veggies and fruits, and the reason for this should be pretty obvious. Vegetables and fruits are filled with all kinds of beneficial nutrients that can improve your health, so they really are an essential part of every healthy menu. Moreover, there are many amazing recipes that include everything from leafy greens to carrots and cucumbers. So, you definitely are spoiled for choice, and there’s really not much you can do wrong when it comes to veggies. As for the fruits, berries are a perfect choice for a refreshing snack. For example, you can combine berries with dark chocolate or ice cream. This would be a perfect addition to a summer wedding, as berries would keep your guests hydrated, and you can never have too much of this healthy snack. Fruits also go well with different types of cocktails, so there’s one more way to make your menu healthier.

Choose whole grains

Just like veggies and fruits, whole grains have many important nutrients. You can include them by serving brown rice with your veggies, or by having whole wheat bread instead of the usual white bread. Whole wheat can also be a part of your desserts, so make sure to look up some healthy recipes for cakes and cookies. Similarly, if you love pastries, you can use whole wheat flour for them too, so your guests won’t have to think about dieting on your special day.

Have some vegan choices

Nowadays, many people are switching to a vegan diet due to their love for animals or simply because it suits them better. This is something you should keep in mind when designing your menu, as you want everybody to be equally satisfied. Luckily, there are many good catering companies that offer vegan choices as well, so you shouldn’t have any trouble adding vegan options to every part of your menu. Plus, most vegan meals are healthy by default, so even those who aren’t vegan might like to try them.

Opt for healthy proteins

In order to ensure you're organizing a healthy wedding serve healthy protein options.

Protein is essential for strong bones and healthy skin. Plus, it can satisfy your hunger better than anything else, which is why you need to have it on your menu. Of course, the usual choices include chicken, steak, ham, or pork. However, you should also consider eggs, nuts, beans, and seafood. Nuts, for example, can be a great snack before the actual meal, as they can’t satisfy your hunger, but they can keep the guests patient until the first meal is served. Ham and cheese on a toothpick is also not a bad choice for a snack. All in all, there are many different ways of adding proteins to your menu, and your caterer will surely have some ideas too.

Provide healthy drinks

Include fruity cocktails and healthy drinks to ensure a healthy wedding menu.


Most of your usual sodas are packed with sugar and artificial flavors, so it’s safe to say that they aren’t really the healthiest option. Of course, your guests will expect some sugary drinks, especially if they are coming with kids. However, there’s no reason you can’t also offer them drinks that are both delicious and healthy. For example, you can easily make your own iced tea, or you can opt for flavored water. On the other hand, if your wedding will be during the colder months, you can offer your guests hot chocolate and hot tea.

Your wedding menu should not just taste good but also make you and your guests feel good. So, consider your options, and don’t choose the first thing that sounds tasty. Think about what your guests might want to avoid, like too much sugar or carbs, and design a menu that would fit everybody’s needs. This way, you can rest assured that nobody will leave your wedding hungry.

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