Even Babies Need Sunscreen!

We know the importance of protecting our skin against the sun and in previous articles, we have highlighted the importance of sunblock/sunscreen to prevent aging as well. But did you know that it is advisable for babies as young as six months old to wear some sunscreen? Their sensitive skin is highly susceptible to burns, especially under the scorching tropical sun, which may, in turn, increase their risk of melanoma and other skin conditions later in life. However, in a survey of 275 respondents conducted by Banana Boat, 50% said that children only need to apply sunscreen from the age of 4 onwards! As adults, 50% of those surveyed apply sunscreen ONLY on their face and 12% do not apply sunscreen at all!


For babies, you have to use sunscreen that are specially formulated for the most delicate and sensitive skin, such as Banana Boat’s Simply Protect™ Baby Sunscreen Lotion. For children of all ages, do look out for lotions that are tear-free, free of oxybenzone, parabens and fragrances. Moreover, active children may also require water-resistant formula so that it stays on even when exposed to sun, pool water, seawater, wind, sweat and sand!

Sunscreen is essential for BOTH the face and body but do note that sunscreen for your body should not be applied on your face because the skin is different and will require different ingredients. Do also remember to apply the sunscreen to your ears, lips, neck, back of the knees, feet and even your underarms! Regardless of rain or shine, one should apply sunscreen – even if you’re staying indoors. This is because UV rays can enter through windows and are also emitted by fluorescent lights. Don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen every 2-4 hours to maintain its effectiveness too!

Hopefully, this inspires you to start making a change in your as well as your baby’s skincare regime! Read more interesting facts and tips in the infographic below.

Photos: Banana Boat and Unsplash


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