Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Finding a truly meaningful gift for him for Christmas can be challenging. Sometimes it is not about what’s hot and new, but what also is classic and nostalgic. Here is a list of gifts for every man in your life, let it be your brother, boyfriends, husband, dads or anyone.


Tommy Hilfiger Classic Argyle Sweater


Who doesn’t love a sweater for Christmas? you can surprise him with a sweater if you want him to feel cozy during this festive season. Purchase Tommy Hilfiger Argyle Sweater to fulfill his Blue Obsession with grey color to look presentable and top-notch.



Tommy Hilfiger Sport Watch – Multicolor

Who needs a Rolex when you can rock this statement watch instead? Do you know that gold was one of the many presents the three wise men brought to baby Jesus? Not just that it is also the color of the star that wise men followed. Thus, buying this gold watch for him is significant and symbolic for this Christmas. You can also opt for other colors as it comes in multi-color.


Books are great for those who are more introverted or simply looking to expand his knowledge. Best is to suss out the type of books he already likes and see whether you can add a book to a series that he might be following OR a book from his favourite author that he just hasn’t gotten yet. Even if he is into e-books, hardcopies are still treasured and you can always add a special message on the first page. If you really can’t decide, then perhaps opt for an Amazon gift card so that he can decide which books to buy and even load up on his kindle!


Cord / Cordless Hair Clipper Gift Set, USB, Pouch, Detail Trimmer

Provide your man with quick and efficient trimming of beard, mustache and even hair with this cordless hair keeper as a gift for this Christmas. No Shave November has ended, its time to trim those beard off and look neat for the jolly season.


Everyone knows that edible present is the best present, to give the gift of sugar to him this Christmas with these assorted Chocolates from Redmart!


Tommy Hilfiger Screw Detail Belt


Style made simple: Double his outfit options with Tommy Hilfiger Screw Detail Belt. It is a perfect Christmas gift for a man with minimalistic style.

Beer, Wine or Spirit

Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey


What to buy for the person who has everything? For many people, there’s only one answer: good whisky. More than 60 percent of single malts are purchased as presents, and over the festive period, sales soar. Nothing makes a man happier than beer, wine and spirit.Jack Daniel’s is by far one of the popular choices among men. “Once you go Jack you never go Back” – Jack Daniels.



The Crown Perfumery Company established in 1872, is the only perfume that has been granted to use Queen Victoria’s Crown on its bottle. An image that defines royalty, thus it is another grooming products on our list if you’re looking to buy something sensual for him.



                         Mens Pu Leather Cross Body Messenger Business Bag

A sling bag is essential for every man. If he doesn’t have one. It blends in with every outfit, let it be personal or professional. He can pack it full of essentials for a night away from home, or fit his professional life inside for the commute to the office. If you are looking for a man Christmas gift idea that will last him a lifetime, this is a great value.



Foligain Stimulating Shampoo For Thinning Hair For Men With 2% Trioxidil


When a man takes pride in his looks, the idea of thinning hair can be terrifying! If his hairline is starting to fade or he simply wants to put some insurance in his luscious locks ahead of time, Foligain Stimulating Shampoo is infused with key nutrients, including our triple action 2% Trioxidil complex, biotin, targeted vitamins, plus powerful herbals and extracts shown to fortify and thicken the look of your hair and support scalp health. Take note that good hair is important to feel confident during this festive season!

Avoid last minute shopping, and plan your Christmas gift ahead with this list.


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