Essentials That You Need When You Go Hiking

While hiking is a way to unplug from the busy city life, it can be an activity that can also lead to remote places with wonderful discoveries or just a pleasant adventure while enjoying nature. Whether you are planning to stay overnight or hike few hours, apart from extra water, make sure you are prepared with these essentials before you hit the trail.

Sun Protection

Every hiker should have items such as sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, a brimmed hat, cap and protective clothing that protect them from the sun. Bad sunburns, bleeding cracked lips, and conditions such as snow blindness can be debilitating if proper respect isn’t paid to the sun’s power. Other than that, sun protection is an incredibly important part of any hiking trip, even when the weather looks cloudy.

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Lensatic Compass

Although technology has given us smartphones, GPS devices and watches, it is wise to carry a compass. They are combined with map-reading knowledge, is a vital tool if you become disoriented in the backcountry. After all…you might not be able to get a signal in some areas while hiking.


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Choose a backpack depending on the number of things you want to carry. A typical day hiking backpack will range from 20-35 litres. An ideal backpack for hiking would be waterproof, comes with an interior pocket for a water bladder and also has a sternum strap which prevents the pack from shifting when you are hiking. Always try the backpacks before you purchase to ensure that it is a good fit for your torso and body type.

Energising Snacks

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Pack enough food for yourself to keep your energy level consistent throughout the day. Remember to fill your backpack with nutritional snacks such as granola bars, jerky, sturdy fruits and veggies like apples or carrots that won’t get squished in your bag are also great. Always bring extra as you will be burning more calories than you used to.

First Aid Kit

 First Aid Kit

It’s a good idea to invest in a portable and lightweight first aid kit that you can always keep in your backpack with your other day hiking essentials. While it’s unlikely that you will have an emergency, things like blisters, cramps, and minor cuts can happen.


Make sure you have a checklist before you finalise your essentials. Ensure that you have these essentials before heading out to your next hike.

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