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The treadmill, which is also regarded as a dreadmill, by most people is your runway to be fit and healthy. Dressing well is a great motivation because it helps you to mentally prepare and gain confidence to shed those extra pounds.

‘Athleisure’ or active wear trend has become so famous it is included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “casual clothing meant to be worn both for exercising and general use”.This trend has caused a major increase in activewear sales and has expanded the use of activewear not just to exercise but also to work, lunch and everywhere.

Get inspirations from celebrities who strut the street in their activewear before or after their workout sessions (or even on their way to the airport). If you want to look stylish and confident for your next workout session, check out these cool athleisure outfits styles by famous celebrities get your workout gear inspiration.

For the minimalists

Kim Kardashian in her minimal sports outfit

Hooded Suit from Emporio Armani EA7

Go Yeezy with Kim Kardashian workout style. She is wearing a sports bra and leggings with an oversized shearling hoodie in a muted colour palette. This minimal style is surely a look that you should try and in either the same colour or slightly similar shades of the same colour.


Show off your curves

Kendall Jenner flaunts her lean legs with fitting high waisted leggings

 Nike Pro Training Leggings

To emphasise your curves, follow Kendall Jenner’s look by wearing high waisted leggings and a matching strappy top. You don’t have to be a model to dress like Kendall Jenner – just stick to grey and black with cute details to pull off this look.

When Streetstyle leads Sportswear

Elsa Hosk Oversized denim jacket from Sik Silk

We love this look which blends streetwear and sportswear! Elsa Hosk is wearing a denim jacket over her sports bra and paired it off with a simple pair of black leggings. To top it all off, she is wearing a pair of cat-eyed sunglasses. How sassy!

Need a boost of body confidence, ladies?

Ashley Graham wearing striped leggings for a confident look Adidas 3 stripes leggings

“Cute gym clothes are a good motivator for me,” said supermodel Ashley Graham. Dear curvy girls, these gym picks by Ashley Graham are especially for you. She recommends wearing high-waisted leggings and colourful sneakers as they boost confidence when you are working out around people who aren’t plus sized. Leggings with stripes at the side makes your legs look longer and therefore, slimmer and just because you’re plus sized doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a sports bra either!

Socks are never out of style

Jonah Hill rocking retro style with half calf socks
Adidas Original Crew Socks

Half calf socks give off a sorta retro vibes, which is making its comeback as trendy workout apparel. Draw inspiration and make bold choices with Jonah Hill’s all black boxing look with those red and blue socks! If solid color is not your cup of tea try wearing old-school striped socks for more a varsity athlete feel.

T-shirt for beginners

Justin Bieber wearing a casual Nike shirt Hummel Denmark 2019/19 Away shirt

No abs? Not an issue. Get moisture-wicking T-shirt to replace the compression shirt. Justin Bieber is wearing one that is fashionable without clinging tightly to your mid-section. Therefore, it definitely gives you more comfort that your old-cotton T-shirt especially when you are prone to perspire.

Hoodie – a must for every gym rat!

Harry Styles in his heavy duty hoodie
                        Nike FC Woven Overlay Hoodie

Hoodies are super comfortable, which is why it is often seen not only as a post-workout attire but also as a nice warm home wear. If you’re a gym rat, a hoodie is perfect for you as it will keep your body warm after your workout and prevent you from catching a cold while ensuring that you still look great.

Figure-friendly Front Zip Sports Bra

Josephine Skriver owning her style in a front zip sports bra
                    Fila Zip Top Black

Front Zip Sports Bra is the new apparel which is both functional and trendy compared to the traditional sports bra. Victoria’s Secret model, Josephine Skyriver is definitely a fan of them and she wears them regularly for her cardio routine such as boxing. The zipper located on the front allows the function of the sports bra to remain the same while it brings in an edge on the athleisure trend.


As much as the technical factors such as flexibility and safety matter, style plays an important role too. The way your dress represent your inner motivation and influences your performance. The more you dress like an athlete, the more you will be inclined to perform like one.  Always ensure that you feel confident and look good in your sportswear. As confidence is the key performance!


Photo Credits: Flickr, Forever 21, Observer, GQ, Seventeen Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Glamour, JDsports

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