Numerology – Power of the Twin Flames 11:11

Numerologically, this date of 14/6 is 1+4+6 =11 day on a 2+0+1+8 = 11 year. With many asking about 11:11, today is the perfect day to share about the concept of “twin flames” and how it is the amazing journey to true self-love, unconditional love and unity consciousness.

Many of us find that the relationship dynamics with the various people in our lives can often times be extremely perplexing, challenging, and even downright frustrating. This is more so if we are emotionally invested and connected to them. I know this to be a fact as relationship issues and problems of all kinds are the main reasons why most people come to seek my professional help, advice, and expertise.

The people in our lives are of tremendous value to us, for without relationships of any kind, we would be not be able to define ourselves. Our differences are of enormous advantage to our stimulation of new ideas, and are therefore essential and paramount to our continuous development, and creative expansion. When we fully comprehend the meaning of contrasts and the value of different opinions, we shall reap fulfillment and satisfaction from every single type of relationship in our lives. After all, “variety is the spice of life”. How monotonous life would be otherwise?

Those that are our dearest soul mates, as well as those in our soul family have the ability to propel and compel us into massive expansive growth in a very short span of time. As such, every close soul mate relationship should be cherished as they are immense blessings, and hold in them the key to our rapid advancements and transformations. This is especially so during these times of accelerated shifts and evolutionary changes that is happening on our planet right now.

There is a particular type of relationship dynamic that supersedes all else, and deserves to be classified and given special mention. In fact, it can be considered the “crème de la crème” of all relationships. Such a relationship is colloquially known as the “twin flame”.

What exactly are twin flames and how does it differ from soul mates?

A “twin flame” or “twin soul” is in simplistic terms, one soul split into two halves. In other words, a twin flame is literally your other half. When you meet your twin flame, you feel drawn and connected to them on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Your twin flame will mirror and reflect back to you all of your inner shadows and darkest fears, but also your strengths, beauty, and divinity like none other can. By doing so, your twin flame helps prod you to access tremendous metaphysical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth like no other person is able to. They are the realized and idealized manifestations of most, or all of the aspects of you. As such, he or she becomes your greatest spiritual asset, catalyst and accelerant, and can often feel like your best friend, teacher, muse, and lover all rolled into one.


Twin flames are our perfect mirrors. Our energetic match reflected back and encompassed by a physicalised being. The twin flame is essentially an energy, and not a particular person and as such the twin flame mirrored patternings can also exist and be observed in more than one person simultaneously, or perhaps be triggered by different individuals during different time frames and circumstances. What we perceive in others is always a mirror reflection of our inner beings. Thus then, at the highest level of consciousness, everyone is our twin flame since we are all one and connected. The term “soul mate” on the other hand is far broader in scope, and encompasses family members, relatives, friends, and even pets. As such, it can also be inferred that one’s twin flame is a kind of a soul mate. In fact, a twin flame would be the ultimate soul mate!

The term “twin flame” is a little bit of a misnomer as it sounds very romantically driven, and as such causes a lot of misinterpretations and confusions on the specifics of the definitions of what it entails and constitutes. The twin flame relationship is first and foremost a spiritual connection and bond that leads to an authentic relationship to yourself. Romantic love and sexual attraction can and is most certainly also frequently present in most twin flame cases, but not always. Due to the many misconceptions and ignorance within the spiritual community, some of those who have not yet experienced such an energetic match would consider the concept of the twin flames to be a myth. They scoff at the idea and judge those experiencing the intensity of such a union to be delusional, or making it all up. The truth of ultimate reality is infinite possibilities. We can only perceive what we are the matching vibration of. More often than not, people are unable to fully resonate and relate to something unless they have also experienced something similar for themselves. Otherwise, cognitive dissonance sets in and blocks out the neural pathways from further engaging in the unfamiliar topic. As the saying goes, “You cannot talk butterfly language to caterpillar people.

Twin flame consciousness is becoming far more common and mainstream nowadays as the twin flame understanding is being experienced, understood, and embraced by more and more people, even amongst those who are not spiritually awakened. The numerology of this year of 2018 is master number 11/2, which signifies union, reunion and unity. Hence, it is the year of mass spiritual awakenings based on twin flame energies and unions. We shall see an exponential en masse rise and increase in twin flame energies and couplings.

How do you know if someone is your twin flame?

If you are reading this article right now, then chances are that you are already walking this path, or are about to encounter such a sacred relationship dynamic. You are probably also the half that is more spiritually advanced. When you meet your twin flame, there is an instant sensation of “knowing” and coming home. You will feel an overwhelmingly intense and powerful connection with them, unlike any that you have ever felt before with anyone else. You might have had vivid dreams or visions of them reappearing in your life, and felt their energetic presence long before they manifested physically. You might also have recalled glimpses of past or future lifetime memories with this person.

Numerous synchronistic events and blatant external signs suddenly start to successively appear in divine timing. Such synchronicities include seeing repeated numbers popping up everywhere such as 11:11, which is the awakening code and symbol of the twin flame. Things in your life seem to manifest much more swiftly than before, and your twin flame partner will also experience many of these phenomena as well. You will have an extremely telepathic and heightened psychic bond with each other, and can therefore sense each other’s energies and moods even from a distance. Because of the profound spiritual linkage to one another, twins will share and experience the same emotions. Their pain is your pain, just as their joy is also your joy.

Both twins connect deeply, and mirror each other’s values and aspirations. People might comment that you look alike, or that you look good together. Often, the two of you will have many similarities, but also many polarised opposites; impeccably reflecting the light and shadow sides of each other. Twins complement one another’s strengths and weaknesses, perfectly exemplifying the harmony and dichotomy of the Yin and Yang balance. For example, if you are creatively repressed, then chances are, your twin flame will be a flourishing artist. If you are neat and orderly, your twin flame might be chaotic and messy. In this way, our twin flames challenge and infuriate us, but also teach us important lessons about our own fears and repressions. As a result, we readily develop virtues such as appreciation, forgiveness, empathy, compassion, and self-love for the purpose of transmutation and transcendence.

The classic tell tale sign of the twin flames is that which is being referred to as the “runner and chaser” dynamic. The twin flame mirroring is deliberate and serves a divine purpose. The willingness to dive into the depths of our own souls, and face everything about ourselves, including all the light as well as the darkness takes immense bravery, guts, and courage. Because of that, fleeing and running away is very common amongst many twins especially early on in their journey as they dismiss, resist, and reject their twin flame counterparts due to the sheer intensity of the mirrored and polarised push/pull and love/hate mechanics at play. No matter how many times you avoid or try to leave your twin flame, you will always be magnetically drawn and attracted back to them. In reality, there can be no true separation from your twin flame for the simple fact that your twin flame is yourself. Any separation is merely an illusion. Learning to love your twin is essentially learning to love the self.

Twins quickly realise that they were meant to be brought together in order to raise the vibrational frequency of the Earth, and aid humanity during these turbulent times as we shift into a new paradigm; a new golden age for mankind. In this time of increasing twin flame pairings and unions, we collectively come to the understanding that we have to stand alongside our twin flames as we all share the same visions for a brighter and better future. Unity is strength, and unity consciousness is the goal.

From my experience, it is my consistent observation that the twin flame energies have a tendency to occur first to those strong willed independent individuals who typically do not feel the need for any conventional and traditional romantic type of relationships. Those with early experiences and encounters of twin flame mirroring energies are the movers, shakers, seekers, healers, teachers and leaders of humanity at this time of the ascension back to the golden age. They are all seeking spiritual growth, deeper meaning, and real connections. Despite all of the temporal and initial hardships, both twins shall continue to evolve together to make each other better, wiser, and stronger in all ways. They will come out more united, loving, compassionate and empathetic towards all. This is for the purpose that both twins partners will be better equipped and prepared for service as they flow with unconditional love for self and others.

The best advice I can give to those encountering twin flame relationships right now or in the future is to follow your own inner guidance. Every twin flame relationship is unique. There is no cookie cutter formula. Do not let the opinions of others sway you from what you intuitively know and feel inside of yourself. Let go of the ego. Surrender to the process, and give in to divine love. For at the end of it all and at our very core, love is what we truly are. If you are reading this, I honour and acknowledge your courage, perseverance, and strength, and most of all, your selfless service to humanity.


Contributed by Luke Elijah, Spiritual Coach

Photo credits: Pixabay


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