Why Your Make Up Doesn’t Look the Way You’d Like

Are you one of those who spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram or watching YouTube videos as well as flipping through magazines to get ideas on the latest make up trends? However, when you try to get the look, it doesn’t come out that great? Well, unless you are a professional or have a lot of time to research, it is impossible to learn all the make up tricks there are. Nonetheless, there are some fundamental things that will improve your make up skills!

Your skin needs a bit more TLC

Getting that flawless look requires a good base – your skin. That is why you need to look after your skin and stick to a regime that works. Don’t be afraid to visit the dermatologist if you have any skin problems such as acne, eczema or rosacea.

Your make up should be applied onto clean and moisturised skin as it will hold product better without flaking or patches. As mentioned in our 5 Must-have beauty products for beginners, you should use a primer so that it can create a perfect base for your make up as well as allow the make up to stay on longer.

You’re using the wrong type of formula

Foundations, blushers and even eyeshadows come in cream, powder or gel – so which one do you pick? This is important if you’re aiming for a particular look and how your skin type is going to work with these products.

Powders are drying and helps to mattify, which is why they’re great for those with oilier skin. Creams and gels are hydrating and better for those with dry skin. But you can work them together – powders are easy to blend and can build colour in a more precise manner while creams give a more dewy look and this is great for older skin. You can also use a cream base and top it off with a powder to seal the powder in and allow your make up to last a bit longer.

You’re using the wrong colours

You first need to know what your skin undertone is and then what colours are suitable for you. This will affect the foundation that you apply as well as eye make up. There are trends that don’t suit our skin tones and that’s alright. It is when you know the right shades of eyeshadows that you can then experiment with the trends and wear something that actually compliments you rather than wash you out or make you look garish just because it’s trending.

Most people like to swatch colours on their hands but this isn’t good enough as most of us have different skin tone on our hands compared to our faces. Don’t be afraid to dry them on your jawline as all beauty counters should provide make up removers and tissue just for that. If you find out later that your palette has colours that don’t suit you, don’t chuck it out because there are several ways that you can use them to correct certain skin colours or mix with other colours in your palette to better suit you.

You lack practice

Nobody gets a cat eye done perfectly the first try. And that’s the same for every look you see in the magazines as well as on social media. Moreover, everyone’s eye shape and cheekbones are also different. Thus, you will need to practice on yourself several times to see what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as it is just a wet wipe away to being on fleek.

Your make up has expired

Most people ignore the expiration date of their cosmetics, or they don’t even know when they have expired. Some even think that the expiration date is just there to con you into buying more make up. However, when it comes to liquid products, the expiration dates are quite important – especially if they’re going around the eye area. Yes, we’re talking about that darling mascara! Keep your mascara for 3 months at the most after opening and don’t continuously pump the brush as this introduces more air and (you guessed it) germs into the tube, causing it to dry out as well as grow bacteria.

You’re stuck with a look

If you have found a signature look that you truly love, such as Gwen Stefani’s signature bright red lips and platinum blonde hair, there might not be any reason to change it. But if you feel that your usual make up is a bit boring, then it is time to get a revamp. Start simple by experimenting with shades that you don’t normally use; meaning to use the same colours but maybe a little darker or lighter. Otherwise, go to your favourite beauty counter and ask their staff to help you with a mini makeover. Most will be very helpful but do be careful of the up-sell and do check whether booking is required.

Photo credits: InStyle magazine, Laneige and Pixabay


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