Correcting Skin’s Colour

Ever had that moment when you put on your foundation or concealer but you are still able to see the redness or the dark circles under your eyes or perhaps you’re still looking dull. Chances that you will pack on more product onto your face and it become an inch thick, looking cakey at the end of the day and still it’s not going to cover up that pimple or dark eye circles. And that is why you need to learn about colour correcting.

Colour correcting is amazing if you have any discolouration on your face that really needs to be addressed. Many beauty companies have been producing colour correcting products way before the colour correction hype began on social media. That’s why there are primers that come in 3 colours – green, purple and peach – which may baffle some at first.

In other words, this is not new but knowing how to use it properly is something that most people fail to grasp at first. Be not afraid! We will show you some simple ‘rules’ to abide by.

If you have dark circles

Use a peach/pink/salmon colour concealer as something orangey or pink is great at cancelling out the dark circles. This is because your dark circles are usually bluish/purplish or green and this is counter balanced with the mixture of red, orange and yellow in the peach concealers.

If you’re darker skinned, using an orange concealer (as opposed to pink or salmon) as a higher concentration of red, orange and yellow in this concealer will cancel out the darker blues and purple hues in darker eye circles.

For those who have fairer complexions, use a yellow concealer. It works the same way that an orange one does but lighter. Great for brightening up the skin, especially for those with medium to tan skin tones.

Dull or yellowish skin


Purple helps to cancel out yellow undertones and brighten up the face. It is not recommended that you dab on purple concealer as you may have a purple hue peeking out from your foundation if you do not blend it out well. Hence, a purple primer is better.

To minimise redness


Green minus out redness and this is good for pimple or acne spots as well as for people who have skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema. For spots, a green concealer is good but for those who have skin conditions, use a green primer instead.

Some “make up artists” on Instagram like to promote green primers or concealers to colour correct dark circles but in my opinion, the peach or salmon colour correction concealer works better. Nobody really needs to colour correct that much in the first place.


Hence, a better suggestion is to grab a colour correcting primer instead as it offers colour correct and brightness without any discolouration to the surrounding skin. Moreover, as a primer, it helps to prolong the wear of your foundation. Thus, you will be putting on fewer layers on your skin and this will minimise the cakey appearance while also saving a little bit of money.


This article was contributed by Suzanne Lin who is an interior designer as well as a freelance make up artist. You can visit her blog at

Photo credits: Althea, Sulwhasoo, Pixabay and Zilingo


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