The Best Honeymoon Destinations for Adventurous Couples

For most couples, the ideal honeymoon involves lying on the beach, basking in the sun and doing absolutely nothing but relax all day. On the other hand, for more adventurous couples, a typical honeymoon looks more like a prison than a vacation! So, if you and your significant other have the unquenchable thirst for adrenaline and want to do something wild to celebrate your marriage, here are the best adventurous honeymoon ideas for you.

Kayak in Puerto Rico

Night-time kayaking in Puerto Rico is both super romantic and exciting, especially when all the little glow-in-the-dark creatures come out to light up your way. If you want to experience this unique marine phenomenon, head to Fajardo’s bay in Puerto Rico and slowly kayak through the bay as myriad of microorganisms sparkle and glow around your paddle!

Skydive in Swiss Alps

It doesn’t get much more extreme than skydiving. So, celebrate your leap into marriage with a literal leap from the sky in Interlaken, Switzerland. You’ll get a complete adventure: amazing views of the Swiss Alps, an unforgettable jump and a safe landing into a beautiful and luxury resort. Once you finish your jump, Interlaken offers other adventures, but this time on the hard ground. Try jet-skiing, rafting or paragliding that will additionally raise your heartbeat.

Ski in Colorado

Do you find regular ski runs to easy for your skiing expertise? Then choose Colorado Rockies for your honeymoon destination and get ready to experience some of the best off-piste skiing! There are companies that specialise in helicopter skiing and snowboarding and can take up to the untouched areas of the mountain for a unique adrenaline experience. Don’t worry, you won’t get eaten by a bear on your honeymoon! Most companies also offer expert guide services for a safe adventure. Once you leave your heart on the mountain, book a couple’s massage to relax and recuperate.

New York, New York!

If you’re a couple who lives for Saturday nights out and knows all the best clubs and bars in their city, then you must celebrate your marriage by partying like an animal! New York might not be the obvious honeymoon destination, but for party people, it’s the most logical thing in the world. From wild rave parties to chill cocktail bars, New York has it all. While you dance your heart out, you can relax with a unique cocktail made by some of the more renowned maestros of mixology in NYC. Their creations are both super tasty and perfectly Instagramable, so don’t forget to treat the world with a few snaps of your cocktail!

Mix fire with ice in Iceland

Visit one of the least populated countries in the world for many truly unique outdoor experiences. Iceland is surely the only place where you can dive between two tectonic plates, bask in warm hot springs, explore lava caves, stroll through black sand beaches and enjoy the Northern lights – all in the same day! You can also hike on glaciers and experience the true meaning of permanent ice. And of course, don’t miss the famous Blue Lagoon where you can relax, get a couple’s massage and head-to-toe pampering treatment. What more can you ask for from this tiny Nordic nation!

Visit the animal paradise

If you’re a couple that cares about adventures that are full of cute and fun animals, then head down to Galapagos. This unique piece of land is a home to many exotic animals that live nowhere else in the world! So, follow the tracks of the great Darwin and hike to see giant tortoises, salt-water iguanas, penguins, fur seals and many interesting species of bird, both big and small. You can get really close to the animals: you can swim with penguins, bike through the tortoise habitats and kayak with seals and big rays. Galapagos is a true heaven on Earth for all naturalists.

Surf in Nicaragua

Put your surfing skills to the test or learn to ride the board together at one of the most beautiful but highly underrated places—Nicaragua! Hit some of the best waves in the world or try your hand at sandsurfing at Cerro Negro volcano, in case water is not your thing. And if you want some amazing pictures for your trophy wall of adventures, go deep-sea fishing where you can get the chance to reel in and release a beautiful and proud marlin.

Dive with sharks in South Africa

If marlins are too tame for you, book a flight to South Africa where you can dive with the world’s best predator—the Great White shark! Just a little over 100 miles off Cape Town is a shark hunting territory where you can observe these marine giants in their natural habitat while staying safe from their sharp teeth in your cage. Don’t forget your underwater camera for some chilling photos!

You know what they say: a couple that experiences adrenaline rushes together, stays together. So, pick your own adventure and celebrate your marriage the extreme way!


Contributed by guest writer Zara Lewis.

Photo credits: Imgur


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