4 Sydney Neighbourhoods You Should Explore

Sydney is a super popular travel destination. Whoever you are and whatever you like, you will love Sydney. This big city has great architecture, beautiful beaches and friendly people. More recently, all kinds of bustling neighbourhoods of Sydney have been gaining in popularity. Tourists visiting Sydney, along with the most popular attractions, always have at least one cool neighbourhood on their list of places they must visit. To help you make the choice of the neighbourhoods you shouldn’t miss, here’s a list of the coolest ones.

Surry Hills

Surry Hills is a great start for getting to know the real Sydney. This cool neighbourhood was once home to local artists. Art students, fashion designers, filmmakers and musicians, all lived and created right here. They made the neighbourhood the lively creative centre it still is. Although they are still here, the neighbourhood is changing. The prices of real estate are low in this part of the city compared to other neighbourhoods. This has led people from different walks of life moving here and bringing new vibrancy to Surry Hill.

Nowadays, you will find all of Sydney on a smaller scale here. The neighbourhood kept its lively and creative spirit but the influx of new blood has brought new restaurants, cafés, galleries and bars here. Exploring Surry Hills is a great way to spend a day or more, but remember to wear your walking shoes. It is a hill after all.


Chippendale was once known as the place where students would hang out. Today, there are still plenty of students there but it is better known for its Central Park. This urban renewal project is focused on a public park named after the famous one in New York City but is a bit different from the original. The project includes the already well known One Central Park tower. This building was once owned by Carlton & United Breweries and abandoned for over 150 years before it was turned into an ecological tower, which Chippendale is now known for. The building is covered in vertical gardens and it famously features a heliostat with a series of mirrors that reflect daylight into the communal areas surrounding the building.

And, of course, I have to mention THAT handsome hotel near Central Park. The former Clare Hotel has been transformed into a new funky urban boutique hotel whose design celebrates the history of the two buildings. Named “The Old Clare”, it is a beautiful redux of an old brewery building with a rooftop bar near the pool that is definitely something worth seeing. This neighbourhood now also features many parks with lush greenery. This architectural and ecological experiment it a definite must visit for everyone, but it will be best enjoyed by people who love a little wilderness in their urban area.

Neutral Bay

This is a neighbourhood of Sydney populated mostly by young and successful people. The kind of people who love to go out and are impacting the development of their neighbourhood to suit their needs. The nights are always fun and exciting when you’re in Neutral Bay. Here, you will find some of the best restaurants, coffee shops and bars in the city. And as it is located on the shore, the view is amazing.

You should take a walk around get to know the neighborhood, enjoy the beach, and end the day in a restaurant having a great meal. One place that is quickly becoming a must-visit for all Sydney locals is Socal Neutral Bay. The food is great, they offer awesome drinks, and the people are fun. Order the BBQ and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.


Darlinghurst is another area of Sydney that went through some big changes. The former crime hotspot of Sydney has since become a hip spot for artistic types. On the outside, Darlinghurst is still shady, with the choice of striptease clubs and adult shops all over the place; but really, it’s a great place for quiet nights out.

You will find a large assortment of restaurants, cafés and bars here. This neighbourhood is not far from the city centre which you can walk to from there. Along the way, you will enjoy the view of some beautiful buildings and interesting shops, most of them will probably even lure you in. While here, be on the lookout, as you never know who you might see in this artistic part of Sydney.

Hope you enjoyed the list and Sydney looks forward to your visit!


Contributed by guest contributor Zara Lewis, who lives in Sydney, Australia.

Photo credits: imgur and Pixabay


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