6 Awesome Fathers’ Day Gift Ideas

In June, we celebrate the important man in our lives – Fathers. They are the ones who probably taught us how to ride a bicycle or play football or how to fish. They are their sons’ role models and their daughters’ example of how a man should treat a woman.

As such, this Fathers’ Day, we pay tribute to our fathers and besides a meal, we reckon that these gift ideas would definitely please even the most utilitarian man out there.

Neville Tobacco Musk Cologne

Well-groomed men like to both look and smell good, and nothing can go up against the smell of some fresh new cologne. Neville’s Tobacco Musk is a cologne that uses woody and oriental scents derived from herbs and essential oils with some added clove, vanilla and other ingredients. All of these different scents combine to create the atmosphere of a room at a fancy gentleman’s club from back in the day. You can get this perfectly crafted musk for just £40.

Neville Ultimate Shaving Kit

For £35, your dad will be able to enjoy a hassle-free shaving with this fabulous new kit. While it is a little on the dear side, this kit comes with a razor and all of the components necessary for a perfect shave, so your dad will be able to get the most out of it. The razor’s blade is also compatible with Gillette® Mach3® and Mach3® Turbo blades, which are relatively easy to find. The kit ensures that your father gets the closest shave with the best moisturisers to keep his face or even facial hair in tip top condition!

Outlaw Laboratory  Night-GH

In an increasingly stressful lifestyle, it is not uncommon for people to be either sleep deprived or have bad quality sleep. This blend of supplements will allow your loved one to recover during the night while also helping him get some more rest during those sleepless nights. Outlaw’s Night-GH also helps with repairing muscles and shedding body fat so that he stays in optimum levels and eventually be able to sleep well without the supplements.

Outlaw’s Night-GH is at US$49.95, which is a pretty good price for giving your dad the rest he needs.

Mandarin Linen Shirt

If you’ve got the budget to spare on your father’s day, then we suggest going with this classy linen shirt, which is perfect for tropical weather. It’s made with natural linen fabric, and it looks quite stylish too. Suitable for dads who need a slight wardrobe makeover or even for those who don’t like to fuss about their clothes. You can get this fantastic shirt at £125.

Dean and Deluca White Everyday Apron

All dads have their passions, whether it’d be something like sports, cars, video games or cooking. If your dad has a penchant for the kitchen or BBQ, then we’re sure he’ll appreciate this beautiful and crisp apron from Dean and Deluca. It’s made with pure cotton and comes with an adjustable D-Ring on the neck strap so that it can be customised to his liking. Psst…even mothers can use it! Dean and Deluca offer these aprons at US$30.

Nautica’s Yacht Anchor Jacket

This jacket will go perfect with the Mandarin Linen Shirt above. While it’s perfect for going out on boat rides, its water resistance also makes it able to be worn during cold days. It’s also machine washable and comes with embroidered pockets that help keeping things handy.

This beautiful jacket is currently at US$189.95 but it’s a classic that will last for a long time.

There are still a few weeks left for Fathers’ Day, but we hope that these gifts have at least given you an idea of what to get him; after all, dads are just as important as mums are when it comes to our upbringing so they should have to feel remembered as well.

Photo Credits: YoShop, Outlaw, Kent Curwen, Cowshed Online, Blue and Cream, Pixabay

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