Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 23: The Problem With Positivity

We’re sure that you’ve seen those “Quotes of the Day” on social media which reeks of positivity or asking you to keep a positive mindset. You have probably also met that person who keeps telling you that things will come your way if you keep a positive mindset and are confident.

However, is this whole positivity thing really working or does it create more issues? Is it simply and excuse or delusion instead of tackling the real deep set problems that one may have? In this week’s episode of Melissa’s Table Top Talk, we explore the topic “The Problem With Positivity” with Kenneth Koh who had extreme case of eczema for the past 25 years and a lot of people were telling him that the problem was his mindset which was holding back his healing.


Below is a photo of how bad Kenneth’s eczema was only a few years back. Imagine how it must be like to have to live with this for the past 25 years and judged. Judged for how he looked as well as by people telling him that it was his mindset which was hampering his healing.

It was through observation, research and also experience that Kenneth realised that being positive is not enough. The problem with positivity is that it’s too simplistic to simply ask someone to be confident or to be more positive about their situation or problem.

As mentioned in the video, we’re not contradicting ourselves by promoting body positivity but yet discouraging a positive mindset. Just be mindful whether you’re using labels or ideas to give you a false sense of confidence or if you’re deluding yourself from resolving deeper issues. Moreover, each person is different and different situations require different solutions while optimism and positivity helps and encourages your desired outcome.

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