Expert Views Episode 3: That Pain In The Neck

Do you get pain in your neck or back from sitting too long in front of the computer? This week’s Expert Views features Dr Gary Tho, an Author, Speaker and Founder of ChiroWorks, a family sports and wellness clinic in Singapore. He specialises in pain relief and peak performance for athletes, families and those stuck at a desk in front of computers and smartphones.

Dr Gary talks about how a chiropractor helps us to cope with chronic pain and even shows us his “Chicken Wing” stretch to help one relieve pain in your neck when you’re at home or in the office. You can fast forward to the 15:00 mark for the stretch exercise itself.

Want more tips on how to relieve pain or stress from other parts of your body? Dr Gary has given readers of The Wellness Insider a few free downloads:

1. 50 ways to keep active at work (and prevent aches, pains, heart disease, diabetes and cancer!) 
2. Sitting Mastery: 5 Steps to sitting correctly 
3. Top 5 sports injuries and how to fix them: The DIY Guide to fixing your injuries

gary tho chiroworks

To purchase Dr Gary Tho’s “Pain-free Desk Warrior”, do head to his website and you’ll be glad to know that with each book purchase, you will be helping a child in Cambodia have reading supply for half a year.

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