A Mother’s Dream For Tomorrow

Mother’s Day may have come and gone but mothers never stop dreaming for their children. One dream all mothers have in common is for their child to do well in school, but what happens when mothers from underprivileged backgrounds are unable to provide educational opportunities for their children?

Despite education being able to break the cycle of poverty, most children from low-income families often struggle with reading and writing and are not able to afford enrichment classes. Seeing this, Lydia Lok, founded Curious Thoughts Giving (CTG), a non-profit charitable organisation, to provide free quality literacy classes to children from less privileged backgrounds.

This June, CTG will be running a Mother’s Day fundraising campaign, with the aim of raising S$5,000 that will go towards educational enrichment programmes that will teach the children to read and write. Donations can be made at the QR code on the left, and will go towards helping families such as Halima’s and Kristine’s.

Halima and Kristine, mothers of two and four children respectively, faced immense pressure and challenges to ensure their children’s educational needs were supported. In Halima’s case, her daughters, Amanda and Amani, struggled with literacy, which impacted their overall academic performance. She says, “Curious Thoughts GIving has been a blessing for our family. Amanda and Amani are more confident, participate actively in school, and their grades have improved. The program has relieved a significant burden for me, knowing that my children are receiving quality education support. I’m deeply grateful for the opportunities they’ve provided.”

Kristine echoed the sentiment saying, “Curious Thoughts Giving has provided my daughters with the tools they needed to succeed. The weekly phonics classes have transformed their approach to learning. They’re now enthusiastic about reading and writing, and their grades have improved significantly. The support and encouragement from the teachers have been invaluable. This program has not only supported my daughters’ education but has also lightened my load as a parent. I’m incredibly thankful for all they’ve done for us.”

Additionally, CTG also recognises the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the mothers themselves on Mother’s Day and we want to provide them with a well-deserved moment of self-care and appreciation. To give thanks to these incredible women, CTG will be creating self-care hampers to give to these underprivileged mothers, and would be happy to accept donations of bath and body products, vouchers, skincare products or scented products. Donations can be dropped off at CTG premises located at 37 Middle Road. Visit @giving.curious for more information.

Visit https://giving.curiousthoughts.sg to find out how you can help these brave and incredible women, and to keep their hopes and dreams alive. Your donation will go a long way in changing a child’s life just by teaching them how to read and write.

Images: Curious Thoughts Giving

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