Infinity Financial Advisory Launches Paws & Provisions Campaign Where No Family Member Gets Left Behind…Including Your Furkids.

Infinity Financial Advisory, a leading financial services firm announces the launch of their newest campaign, Paws & Provisions. An initiative conceptualised from the heart, the Paws & Provision Campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of family and estate planning, with a unique objective of also including a person’s own beloved pets in this essential process.

Recognising the profound bond that exists between pets and their owners, the Paws & Provisions Campaign emphasises the importance of estate planning for both human family members and their furry companions. By safeguarding the future well-being of our beloved and cherished animals, this campaign aims to shed light on the significance of estate planning in ensuring a smooth transition of assets to beneficiaries upon a person’s passing.

The Paws & Provisions Campaign also seeks to dispel the common misconception that estate planning is solely reserved for the elderly or ill, firmly believing that every healthy adult with assets should have a will as an integral part of their financial planning. By bringing attention to this critical aspect, the campaign aims to empower individuals to proactively engage in estate planning, ensuring their loved ones and pets are adequately provided for in the future, when they are no longer around.

Making a Difference Through Every Will

Throughout the campaign, Infinity Financial Advisory, in collaboration with SOSD, a local dog shelter has partnered with Precepts Legacy, an established estate and succession planning service provider to offer a special promotional price of S$188 for will writing consultation and service.

For each consultation, S$30 will be donated to SOSD to help them in their mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome approximately 197 dogs in their shelters located at Sungei Tengah and Jurong Island, to provide them with a second chance at life.

With the Paws & Provision Campaign, Infinity Financial Advisory also hopes to better empower pet owners to ensure that the ongoing care and happiness of their furry companions after their departure is taken care of and in doing so, will potentially reduce and curb animal abandonment in the long run.

By supporting the Paws & Provisions Campaign, Infinity Financial Advisory aims to contribute to the broader cause of animal welfare and assist SOSD in their mission.

The Paws & Provisions Campaign will run until Friday, August 18th at midnight.

Take a proactive step towards safeguarding your future and that of your loved ones, including your cherished pets. Join in on the Paws & Provisions Campaign by scheduling an estate planning consultation and drafting your will today.

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Images: Infinity Financial Advisory (header) and SoSD

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