First-of-its-Kind AI to Connect You To Your Dream Confinement Nanny

Becoming a new mother is a life-changing experience. The moment you hold your precious little one in your arms, the rush of emotions is indescribable. It’s a time of wonder, love, and pure magic.

However, as the initial euphoria fades away, the reality of motherhood can start to set in.

No amount of books, online articles and YouTube videos can prepare new mums and dads for nappy rashes and night feeds. The pressure to be a perfect mother, coupled with the guilt of not knowing what to do, can make every task feel like an insurmountable challenge.

The Co-Founder of Nanny Moon, Shiang Jing, knows this firsthand being a new mother herself. So, she sought out to find a confinement nanny to help her.

Shiang Jing, Co-founder of NannyMoon, with her daughter 

But the search for the right candidate was even harder, especially in the thick of the pandemic with travel restrictions and quarantine measures strictly in place. As a new mother with no support system, she felt overwhelmed and isolated.

Remembering her struggles in finding a reliable and trustworthy confinement nanny, she wanted to change the fate of new mothers that came after her.

And just like that, NannyMoon was birthed – a trusted and innovative brand that supports women in Singapore as they embark on their motherhood journey. Having helped almost 1,000 happy mothers with a satisfaction rate of over 94%, NannyMoon has become a go-to for new mothers seeking guidance and support during this critical time.

Through its first-of-its-kind AI-matching system, NannyMatch, the company uses Big Data to match new mothers with the best-suited nanny for their needs – taking into account expected birthdates, values, beliefs, and communication abilities. This provides new mothers with a peace of mind, knowing that they have been matched with an experienced caregiver who is available during the anticipated period to provide the best level of support.

NannyMoon is constantly looking for ways to help new mothers and has plans to expand its range of products and services to include childcare and child enrichment programmes that will continue to provide the care and attention their babies need as they grow.

For more information, visit the NannyMoon website:

Images: NannyMoon

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