Choosing The Right Supplements

If you’re a parent, or looking just to boost your own immunity and health, there are many choices when it comes to health foods and supplements. So how do you choose and do we really need supplements to begin with? When we ask the nutritionists and doctors, the answer is that yes, one is able to get your nutrients from food alone but how many of us know exactly how much nutrients and minerals each meal contains? As such, it might be necessary to take certain supplements to complement your daily food intake.

Which brings us back to our original question: how do we choose which supplements to take for ourselves and for our children?

For children

Children tend to get infections due to their less developed immunity system, which is why ensuring that children eat loads of fresh fruit and vegetables are important to help them get as much vitamin C and antioxidants to fight off infections and build a stronger immunity. However, if your child is a picky eater, then you may need to get a supplement such as MadeFrom‘s all natural vitamin C gummies.

Because our bodies cannot produce nor store vitamin C, we can only get it from what we eat. Of course, children will only eat what tastes good, which is why we like how MadeFrom gummies that taste deliciously like blackcurrants with a slight tartness from the Acerola cherries, and the chewiness make the gummies taste more like a sweet treat rather than a supplement. Even adults will love them! Personally, I do eat adult supplement gummies because it satisfies the tendency to snack while still giving the body the nutrients that it needs.

Another thing to look out for would be the ingredients used in the supplements. We prefer all natural, plant-based ingredients so that the supplements are formulated to be naturally bioavailable and easily absorbed.

Besides gummies, children may also prefer to drink their supplements in the form of effervescent pills. This would be a good alternative to soft drinks but as most effervescent supplements are targeted at adults, do take note of the dosages so that your are sure of your child’s daily intake.

For athletes

Now, if you’re an athlete, then your needs are definitely different based on how often you exercise and therefore, lose water and electrolytes through perspiration. While coconut water is a naturally good source of post-workout hydration, it may not be that easily available after a run. As such, athletes may want to consider supplements such as VÖOST‘s Hydrate which comes in two flavours – orange and tangy lemon & lime. Just pop an effervescent pill into plain water to help restore body electrolyte balance post-exercise and relieve symptoms of dehydration.

For the busy woman

The busy woman often manages multiple roles and therefore, supplements should be too easy to consume as well as to address issues such as tiredness, mental performance and aging. So besides the usual vitamins, you may want to look for supplements that boost your eyes (especially if you’re in front of the computer most of the time) or memory such as gingko leaf. We like supplements that have formulations that have complimentary nutrients together, such as LAC’s BrainSpeed, which contains Gingko Blob, DHA, Phosphatidylserine and Acetyl L-Carnitine to help energise the brain by promoting blood and oxygen circulation.

Do note that gingko leaf extract may thin the blood slightly and is not suitable for those who are currently on blood thinners, suffer from bleeding disorders or are diabetic.

Please remember to always ask your healthcare professional on the supplements appropriate for you and always read labels before use.

Images: LAC, MadeFrom, VÖOST

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