How Women Can Make Their Sexual Wellness Priority

When someone talks about women’s health, their sexual health is considered included by default, as it is an important part that plays a crucial role in a woman’s well-being. The recent pandemic wave has not only affected mental health but has also taken a serious toll on most women’s sex lives.

Many recognised sex therapists agree that anything that negatively affects the individual or the relationship is likely to have a bad effect on your sex life. Think of the cases where couples who are suffering due to economic strain are likely to have chances of developing conflicts over how much to socialise, pressure to homeschool, etc., and are likely to have chances of getting disconnected emotionally, which makes them sexually depressed.

In previous surveys done by Womanizer, it has been found that most women’s sex education was limited to contraception, pregnancy, and reproductive organs. Yet almost 31% globally have reported that they would like to learn more about pleasure or how to talk about sex. An open conversation about masturbation should be encouraged at school as well as at home. Around 36% of respondents believe that parents should talk to their children about masturbation starting at 13. Unfortunately, 18% still believe that parents should not talk to children about solo sex at all. This is the reason why more than half of all participants are left alone with their curiosity about masturbation. Additionally, 20% of the respondents have learnt about sex through porn content—a source that often enough enforces outdated gender roles and the male gaze.

According to a yet another recent survey by We-Vibe, Singapore residents rank their libido at 6.58 on a scale from 1 to 10. They also have a sex life satisfaction rating of 6.19. According to TCM, low libido and unsatisfying sexual performance could happen because of the underlying imbalance and lack of harmony between the Yin and the Yang.

So how then can women make their sexual wellness a priority?

According to a recent study conducted by the medical journal Phytomedicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is 90% effective in reducing COVID-19 symptoms and can reduce its death rate. But it turns out that TCM benefits go far beyond that. Since western medicine uses hormone replacement therapy or oestrogen creams to treat some forms of sexual disorders and pain from sex, TCM can also provide a long-lasting solution to address problems in sexual wellness.

The potential of TCM and its contribution to medical knowledge is also gaining recognition worldwide. The previous year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) included TCM therapies in its global diagnostic compendium for the first time. The Ministry of Health officially recognises TCM in Singapore while all TCM doctors are registered under the TCM Practitioners Board since the 2000 Traditional Chinese Medicine Act.

Using a vibrator onto the Qihai CV6 position (2 fingers’ width below the belly button) to replenish Qi into the body, particularly the reproductive system.

The foundation of sexual wellness in Traditional Chinese Medicine is not in the genitals but in an unexpected organ: the kidney. This system is not only a filtration organ but also the root of life. According to TCM, it stores the essence of your energy and longevity, allowing women to conceive and men to fertilise. Kidney Yang acts like sunshine in our body; it gives warmth to the reproductive sex organs, while Kidney Yin acts like a water current in our body that nourishes the essence. As the energies of the kidneys, Yin, and Yang build up through body contractions of the uterus during the release of orgasm, such accumulated energy promotes the free flow of Qi.

Global pleasure brand We-Vibe has collaborated with Master Ruth Lee, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Dietitian from Hong Kong to understand how TCM can help achieve a high level of sexual wellness in a natural, non-invasive way through acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal remedies.

According to Master Ruth, sexual fulfilment can be overburdened by stress, work and family, and some may even loose desire in experiencing the joy of sexuality. She adds: “Many of my female clients coming for TCM treatments have blockages in their sexual energies. Some are going through postpartum journeys, adapting to new household changes and responsibilities that impact the quality of their sexual health. Some suffer from fertility issues and lose spontaneity and intimacy in situations where the client’s main goal of sexual intercourse is to conceive. Some have painstaking breakups or long-distance relationships, while others have traumatic experiences of childhood sexual abuse. The result of sexual frustration, separation and loneliness then turn into physical and emotional issues.”

The potential of TCM and its contribution to medical knowledge is also gaining international recognition. Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) added TCM therapies to its global diagnostic compendium for the first time.  TCM in Singapore is officially recognised by the Ministry of Health while all TCM doctors are registered by the TCM Practitioners Board since the 2000 Traditional Chinese Medicine Act.

Apart from these, TCM can provide the following sexual wellness benefits: boosting natural lubrication, improving sexual desire, enhancing sexual senses, responding to stimuli, etc.

The Womanizer Touch X vibrator on the Taichong LR3 position (dorsum of the foot, in the depression where your big toe and next toe joins) to get the Qi moving, great for decreasing stress and anxiety

Acupuncture and acupressure perform the same functionality with different levels of stimulation. Acupuncture generates stimulation by inserting needles into the body, whereas acupressure requires fingertips or a device to hold and gently massage the area. As such, if you feel that you need a bit of a boost mentally, sexually, those sex toys can be used for more than just your private parts but also useful for self-administered acupressure treatments that anyone can do at home.

Besides self-massages, herbal supplements such as Epimedium (commonly known as Horny Goat Weed) can be used for sexual dysfunction for female or menopausal symptoms. Thus, they’re perfect to be taken before any sexual activities. Moreover, there are a few brands of water-based lubricants that contain the herb to help boost one’s libido during foreplay.

Ladies, it is time to put your wellness as a priority and use tools such as massages or sex toys to better understand your body and pleasure!

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