In commemoration of the International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women, which falls on 25 November, Dr Angela Tan and her team have launched an online campaign with a weekend filled with engaging panel discussions, wellness activities and virtual workshops.

Dr Angela believes that women are often objectified as sexual beings, and as a result, are prone to mistreatment and violence. Because of this mistaken correlation that being sexy might bring unwanted attention, women (and sometimes men), stop being sexy as a means to protect themselves.

Named “Sexy is OK!“, the festival aims to build awareness of what it means to be sexy and to remove the stigma and judgement attached to sexiness because sexiness and violence have no correlation. By doing this, the team hopes that more people will feel positive about sexiness and live their lives with more confidence and awareness.

Our founder, Melissa Fann, will be one of the panellists for the discussion on “Body Type: Positive+” on 29 Nov, where they’ll talk about body positivity and how being sexy is more of an attitude than being seen as a sex object. As such, you can be sexy regardless of your dress size.

Do sign up for the Sexy is OK event and take part in their various contests, giveaways and participants will also get virtual goodie bags! The proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to Project X, a non-profit organisation that works with current and former sex workers in Singapore and is working towards eradicating violence and exploitation within the Singapore sex industry.

For more information and to sign up, do visit:


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