Supplementing Parents’ Peace of Mind with OLLY

Being a parent and watching your children grow is a wonderful experience, but it can also be stressful as one will worry about your little one’s health and wellbeing. Moreover, parents often focus on their children’s development while forgetting about themselves. That is why OLLY, the fastest-growing gummy supplement brand in the USA¹, has a few solutions that will allow parents to gain peace of mind and some stress-free me-time.

Kids Immunity

Named finalist of the Infant & Child Nutrition Initiative of the Year (2020) by NutraIngredients Asia, OLLY KIDS IMMUNITY gummy vitamins (S$34.90) packs a powerful blend of Wellmune® Beta Glucan, a scientifically backed ingredient for keeping little bodies’ immune defending cells in tip-top shape. In addition, it also contains acelora cherry, which is rich in Vitamin C; Elderberry and zinc.

As it is a gummy, an otherwise mundane supplement experience is now an enjoyable one, helping to empower parents to take charge of their children’s health in a simple yet effective way.

Happy kids mean happy parents and OLLY wants to help ensure just that. OLLY’s gummy supplements are developed by an experienced team of US based health and nutrition experts with a mission to make health delightfully easy.”

– Marga Mathijssen, Global Head of Marketing Health & Wellbing, Unilever

Time to relax

Long-term ongoing stress can affect one’s mood, immunity system, memory, energy and even digestion. Which is why it is important to take time to relax and calm down an overworked brain. For those times where you need to keep calm, cool and collected, try the OLLY GOODBYE STRESS (S$38.90). It is the USA’s best selling stress gummy supplement² and works fast to help you counter those crazy moments. Each gummy contains a blend of GABA, a fast working active (works within 30-60 minutes) that supports a relaxed state of mind while boosting alpha brainwaves – the same wave patterns generated during meditation, yoga and exercise; L-Theanine, the amino acid also found in tea that goes right to your brain to help you keep your cool; and lemon balm, a herb that has been used for centuries to help quiet the mind.

If you really need help to relax and sleep, we highly recommend OLLY SLEEP (S$38.90) which contains the best blend (that we’ve tried) of L-Theanine and Melatonin that really helps to boost one’s natural sleep hormones so that you get lulled to sleep naturally. Do note that melatonin is intended for occasional use only or for managing jet-lag and is not recommended for prolonged consumption. However, yours truly is an insomniac and have found that after taking OLLY SLEEP for a couple of weeks, it greatly helped my body to get back to a regular sleeping pattern.

Get a bit of me-time

Besides achieving a zen-state of mind, why not also care for your body from the inside out? OLLY UNDENIABLE BEAUTY (S$30.90) is packed with antioxidants such as vitamins A and E as well as minerals such as zinc and selenium to work together to support clear, healthy skin and lustrous locks. The taste of berries will definitely make you forget that you’re taking supplements and you have to stop yourself from taking more than the recommended daily dosage!


Get your daily dose of OLLY in Singapore from selected Watsons stores island-wide, Watsons online, Lazada, Shopee and RedMart.

For more details, check them out on their website


¹IRI Total US – Multi Outlet, Sept 2018 to Sep 2019, based on calculations of additional units sold

²IRI Total US – Multi Oulet + Conv, 52 Weeks ending 8/2/20, Stress gummy supplements segment by value sales


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