Adorable Animal Sightings Around the Globe to Make Your Isolation Period More Colourful

Over the past few weeks, there have been many unexpected sightings of animals in Singapore. From lovable Emperor Penguins leaving their exhibits to stroll around the empty zoo premises to a horse crossing the road at Bukit Timah, these adorable animals are reminding us that there is always a silver lining in every cloud.

Here are some interesting animal sightings all over the globe, to bring some smiles to all of us at home.

Capella Singapore’s Majestic Peacock and Her Babies

If you have stayed over at Capella Singapore, you’ve most probably seen its’ famous peacocks strolling around the premises around the pools or their restaurants. But now,  with less human traffic, the team has recently spotted a mother peacock with her chicks, a rare sighting!

Little Lion Cub in New South Wales, Australia

This little furry cub is a testament that hope can still be born in the midst of chaos. Thoughtfully named, Phoenix symbolises the recovery that Mogo Wildlife Park (where he was born) and the South Coast Communities are focused on following the past few months of bushfires and pandemics. Watch him play here or through the park’s virtual zoo experience, you won’t even realise you’re not there.

Wild Dogs in Africa

Who let the dogs out? These wild dogs are endangered in Africa which makes these sightings incredibly rare. So far, two packs of these wild dogs have been spotted moving through the Sabi Sand Reserve in South Africa and they sure are beautiful!

One of the industries that has been hit hardest by the current worldwide pandemic is travel and tourism. Sadly, this is having a devastating ripple effect on conservation efforts and zoos across the world.

If ecotourism stops funding the incredible conservation work of non-profit conservation partners and brands such as Singita, the likelihood of illegal hunting increases and conservation projects will be halted.  There are many organisations reaching out all over the internet, and we encourage everyone to find out how they can help. A little goes a long way for these critters.


Images: Wildlife Reserves Singapore,  Capella Singapore Facebook, Mogo Wildlife Park and Singita



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