Seeing the Liht with Founder Nerissa Low

Financial planner by day and beauty entrepreneur by night, Nerissa Low started Reflections Organics in 2016, which currently stocks over 100 products with multiple bestsellers. As the brand evolved, so did she, as she started to develop a keen interest in a more holistic way of life that advocates environmetnal and social well-being.

And so, Liht (pronounced as “light’) was born in March 2019, motivated by a strong conviction to empower women to stand in the light and show the best versions of themselves. Despite it being newly launched, Liht has since won the Green Brand Award! We speak to Nerissa to find out more about this homegrown brand and the woman behind it.


Q: Congrats on winning the Green Brand Award! Could you tell us a little bit about what inspired the name “Liht”?

Thank you so much! I wanted the brand to be more than just about quality products, I wanted it to inspire empowerment and love – Love for Self, Humanity and the Planet. Liht stands for “Living in Her Time”, and it serves as a reminder to both me and others to always be present to every moment in our lives, because it is beautiful even if it doesn’t seem so at that point of time. 

Q: We understand that you started Liht due to your acne problems. Could you share a little bit about how your acne affected your daily life and body image?

I was 22 when I first started having a serious outbreak. There were huge pimples all over my face, chest and back, and I had to go to a dermatologist every month to get the bigger ones individually injected with steroids and was on long term medication. I knew this was harmful to my body as I was required to go for blood tests every month just to ensure my organs were functioning fine. I was feeling really conscious that time because I felt like I looked terrible, and yet every time I used makeup to conceal my flaws, it would cause aggravation to my skin, leading to more outbreaks. I also had to wear jackets over my dresses to hide the pimples on my back and chest and I ended up getting rashes. Plus, clogged skin from the heat made the situation worse. One of my friends even commented once that my back looked like a “warzone”.  That definitely really affected my confidence and self-image.


Q: What advice did you wish you could have told your younger self?

Treat your body right! We all think we can get away with little sleep, no sunscreen, a bad diet and an unhealthy lifestyle when we are young, but it definitely comes back to haunt you when you get older. 

Q: What would you advise those who have similar problems now?

Our skin is the largest organ of your body – how you treat your body exudes from the inside out, and it only takes a few days to show a difference. Similarly, your body also absorbs 60% of what you put on your skin so be sure to only apply products that you know is safe enough to enter your body!

Q: How did you discover that organic products and that it would help your acne?

I did intensive research during that time, and found that a lot of the chemicals found in our daily care products are the culprits of our skin problems today. For example, talc commonly found in foundations causes pore enlargements, and mercury causes skin sensitivity, along with the myriad of other chemicals that have been linked to cancer and neurological damage. It was then that I decided that maybe the cure was to stop using products that aggravated my skin. I found my skin clearing up significantly when I switched to synthetic, chemical-free organic products, and I didn’t need to go back for medications and injections anymore.


Q: How was your journey in founding Liht? What were some difficulties you faced and how did you overcome them?

Even though the organic revolution is on an upward trend, most of the market still requires education. Most people could not see the value and benefits of organic products and investors were skeptical about the potential of Liht. It can be difficult to convince people to go for safer alternatives especially since they have been using chemical products for most of their lives. We include a lot of educational blogs in our website and hold workshops as much as we can to reach out to the market. As the company gets more and more opportunities, investors also start to realise how amazing this market really is.

Q: What sort of ingredients do you use in Liht and where are they sourced from? How did you go about sourcing them and choosing these particular ingredients?

I got my products made in the USA because I wanted to ensure that the ingredients are USDA-certified. I also did my research on every single ingredient to make sure they are included in our products for a good reason, and chose only the highest grade for enhanced benefits. For example, we use Aloe Barbadensis – the most nutritious of 200 species of Aloe Vera. We are currently also researching some new interesting formulas with ingredients sourced from Peru, so stay tuned!

Q: Any plans to make the packaging made of recycled materials or to be more sustainable?

Yes, we initially designed the packaging to be reusable, however we realised that this was difficult to achieve with our liquid-based products as the refill process would get messy and inconvenient for the user. We are currently preparing for the launch of our pressed products, which will be refillable so that there is less wastage. Our previous attempt to create packaging out of recycled plastic proved to be unsuccessful because the material was not suitable for makeup but we do look forward to running recycling initiatives.

Q: Where you do see Liht in 5 years’ time?

Our goal is to be known as THE Leading Global Organic Makeup Brand. It is also our mission to contribute back to society by supporting and funding foundations and initiatives against animal cruelty.

Q: Lastly, do you have any body positive message for our readers?

We are all perfect in our imperfections. Makeup doesn’t hide who you are, it is an expression to embrace your individuality.


Liht Organics is currently sold at ASTIQUE, The Aesthetic Clinic, and online at

Do stay tuned next week as we review some of the products from Liht Organics!

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