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Move over mineral makeup! Trending in the world of natural cosmetics is high-performance organic makeup that boasts professional textures and finishes, which we found in a homegrown cosmetics line – Liht Organics. We recently interviewed their founder, Nerissa Low, where we found out more about the inspiration behind the brand and her personal journey that led there.

Unlike commercial makeup, Liht is infused with up to 90% certified organic ingredients, contains no nano-particles, parabens or synthetic chemicals. It is also vegan and cruelty-free. So you can say “goodbye” to talc-based products, which have been known to cause pore enlargement and ovarian cancer. Liht’s makeup is also free of waxes found in conventional pressed makeup, which exaggerate the fine lines on your face instead of concealing them. We were given two samples to try and we do love their sleek minimalist ivory casings that have laser cut-out details and slight holographic colour. Nonetheless, it is the contents and are important and here is our review!

Anti-Aging BB Cream


We all love ourselves a good BB cream as it covers all our blemishes and gives us a smooth finish that lasts almost the whole day. As such, I was particularly excited to try Liht Organic’s version. Especially since it is supposed to work like a moisturiser, primer, concealer and foundation – all rolled into one! I tend to mix my usual BB Cream with a bit of serum in order to add in a bit of moisture as well as to allow the BB cream to apply on a lot more smoothly. The texture of Liht’s BB cream is exactly like that! Moreover, the result was very smooth and it didn’t feel like you’re applying foundation at all. The finish is a bit more like a DD cream than a BB cream as it gives a slight dewy glow. However, the coverage isn’t that great and I could still see a bit of uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and some blemishes. I still had to use my concealer to cover some of those up. But when I mixed my regular BB cream with Liht’s, the result was really good!

Rating: 3.5/5

Moisture Burst Lip Glaze


Considering that we do ‘eat’ our lipsticks and glosses, I liked the fact that Liht’s Lip Glazes are Gluten-free, vegan and cruelty-free. But of course, we are looking for high colour, without compromising on moisture. The lip glaze has the typical texture of any lip gloss and it applies very smoothly, without much stickiness. It definitely delivers on the colour on first application and isn’t too glossy that someone might think you just snacked on a piece of fried chicken. Throughout the day, the colour did not really fade (although some touch up was needed after meals, which is normal) and neither did my lips feel dry. In fact, the lip glaze helped to smooth out a bit of my chapped lips! We do recommend the shade “Ginger Glaze” as an everyday lip colour that should suit most skin tones.

Check out the swatch video below for some of the other shades that Liht Organics has.

Rating: 5/5

Liht Organics is currently sold at ASTIQUE, The Aesthetic Clinic, and online at

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