6 Beautiful Australian Beaches Worth Planning Your Next Holiday Around

Everybody knows that Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. However, choosing the best ones might be a bit more challenging than you think. Moreover, with the hotter weather already here, you’ve probably started planning your next summer vacation. So, to help you make the most of it and truly have the time of your life, here are some of the prettiest beaches in the Land Down Under that you should explore.

Bondi Beach

You can’t really talk about Australian beaches without at least mentioning Bondi Beach. It has a long history that even shaped some of the current beach trends, like the popularity of the bikinis. It’s also very easily accessible, and it’s surrounded by many trendy cafés and restaurants. Not to mention that it’s absolutely breathtaking – it’s perfect for spending an entire day sunbathing and soaking up the atmosphere. If you ever find yourself in Sydney, it’s definitely a beach you should visit.


Coogee Beach

Now, Coogee beach might not be as popular as Bondi, but it’s also not as crowded. So, if you’re looking for something equally beautiful but more peaceful, this is one beach that should be on your list. Moreover, this beach is known for its safe swimming conditions, so it’s also an ideal choice for families with children. So, if you’re thinking about exploring it, you should have no trouble finding a good boutique hotel in Sydney that is close to the beach and can fit all your needs.


Bronte Beach

Not too far from Coogee Beach, you can find Bronte Beach – a beautiful small beach with a great vibe due to the small main street nearby. It’s very popular with surfers, but there’s also a public park near the beach, which is perfect for enjoying a relaxing picnic with your friends or family. There are also many great cafés opposite the beach, so you can rest assured that you wouldn’t get hungry or thirsty there.


Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach in Queensland has been voted the most beautiful beach in Australia, and once you visit it, you’ll see why. Its breathtaking white sand that is soft to the touch and clear blue waters make this beach truly one of a kind. It’s one of those beaches that look ten times better in real life than on any photo. Moreover, this beach is also one of the less crowded ones, which might sound surprising due to its beauty. Therefore, if you’re looking for tranquility, and you want to reconnect with nature, this is the beach for you.


Noosa Beach

This is another beach in Queensland that really stands out thanks to its beauty, and its north-facing direction means that you can enjoy it all year round. It’s also very popular with families as it’s not rare to see dolphins and whales in the distance. Moreover, there are many top quality restaurants as well as boutiques near the beach, so you can enjoy a tasty meal after your refreshing swim. Just keep in mind that this beach is more suitable for swimming and soaking up the sun rather than surfing.


75 Mile Beach

Last but definitely not least, 75 Mile Beach (also in Queensland) has much more to offer than miles of multi-coloured sand. It might not be the most attractive choice for swimming, though, as it’s known to be home to sharks. However, there are many freshwater lakes nearby, so you will still have plenty of opportunities for swimming. On the other hand, if you happen to be into more dynamic activities, this beach is perfect for four-wheel drive adventures. Just be careful when driving, as there can be some hidden bumps and dips.



There are many things that Australia can offer to all who come for a visit, and numerous stunning beaches are definitely at the top of that list. So, if you enjoy sunbathing, swimming, people watching, or just soaking up the atmosphere, you should visit some of the listed beaches. No matter which ones you choose, your vacation is bound to be memorable!


Photos: Pixabay


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