5 Undiscovered Travel Gems to Visit in 2019

Exploring undiscovered travel destinations is always one of the most fun activities that you can do, especially if you’re an adventurous person. Surely, going to any holiday is good, but why go once again to a destination you’ve been before, or the one that’s quite popular with tourists? Many people opt for off the beaten path destinations, so if you have a wish to do the same, here are 5 still undiscovered places you could, and should, visit. Also, make sure to visit them as soon as possible before they become touristy. Without further ado, these are our recommendations on where to go next:

1. Christmas Island, Australia

Australia is a very popular tourist destination, but it offers so much more than Melbourne or Sydney. Christmas Island is, perhaps, an eco-paradise that’s just waiting for you to visit it, and it’s one of the most off-the-beaten-path places to travel to in the Land Down Under. Christmas Island is most popular for the red crabs that inhabit the island – there are more than 40 million of them there, so say hello to your first neighbours. There is an amazing national park on the island, beautiful beaches and hidden caves, so you will most certainly have the time of your life. If you loved the TV show Lost, then this is your place – you will definitely have the feeling that you were one of the survivors of the Oceanic 815 flight!

2. Kinabatangan, Borneo

Asia is slowly becoming more and more popular with tourists, but there are still places that are yet to be discovered. One such place is Borneo, a huge rugged island that’s shared by Malaysia, Indonesia and the nation of Brunei. Borneo is extremely diverse and mesmerisingly beautiful. If you plan to go there, make sure to go deep into the rainforest of the Sabah state of Malaysia and find the Kinabatangan River, the second-longest in Malaysia. If you’re into wildlife, then you will most certainly like this place. Walk with orangutans and pygmy elephants, smile with the probosci monkeys and take a look at sun bears. In order to get the best experience on this destination, make sure to opt for a river safari at sunrise or sunset – absolutely breathtaking and unique.


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3. Vietnam

Photo of Brown Temple by Jonathan Ouimet on Unsplash

Speaking of Asia, there is that one country that’s extremely beautiful and hasn’t been considered a tourist attraction until a couple of years ago. Vietnam is definitely a place that’s gaining a lot of popularity, so it would be good to travel now before it becomes mainstream and you could say “I’ve been there before”. A Vietnam scooter trip is a very popular way to go sightseeing in this country, especially because there are so many places that are worth exploring. Many visitors ask themselves the following question, “Can I ride a motorbike in Vietnam?” Well, cruising the country on a motorbike really sounds like a great idea, and it’s not complicated at all. For example, you can look into Dalat motorbike rental options and enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the whole country. Also, spend some time in the capital Hanoi, and then make your way to see what other things this spectacular country has to offer.

4. Piran, Slovenia

You probably thought that there were no undiscovered places in Europe, but this is where you are wrong. One such place is Piran in Slovenia, the world’s most sustainable country according to National Geographic. This coastal town is extremely beautiful and gives out that medieval feel. Bear in mind that Slovenia will not stay a hidden gem for much longer as some parts of it, such as Bled Lake, have become real stars.

5. Camogli, Italy

There’s no better European country to visit in springtime then Italy. And this year, you could skip on Rome, Florence or Venice, and try to find a hidden gem –Italy has plenty of them! Camogli is a small town very close to Portofino and Cinque Terre, filled with colourful small houses with a long history, small bakeries and impressive hotels. One of the most interesting things here is the Fish Festival that’s organised every May, so make sure to go and see it.

There are so many amazing undiscovered places around the world. We probably won’t have enough time to visit every single one of them, but it’s important to see as many as we can. This means – start visiting them now! Choose any from the list and you will definitely have the time of your life!


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Photos: imgur, National Geographic, SandUnderMyFeet.com and Unsplash


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