Athleisure Pieces You Can Wear to Work

Who says athleisure is for gym only? These are office-friendly athleisure fashion tips that are the best of both worlds: stylish, comfy and comfortable and most importantly – work appropriate.

Tunic Top

Fortunately, many brands have been creating Tunic tops that are lightweight that functions as workout wear but look nice outside of the gym, too. These tunic tops are breathable that it can transform into a business casual environment. While dressing for a workplace setting, it’s important to avoid athletic clothes with spandex, flashy prints or neon colors, or anything sheer, low-cut or too tight. Even if these styles might be trendy in athletic wear that’s geared to bring you from the gym to the street, remember that you’re still in a professional work environment, so you’ll want to look the part at the same time you can straight head to gym right after work.


For the longest time ever, sweatshirts have become a massive top staple to go way beyond the gym life or some Saturday hangover attire. The fact that wearing a sweatshirt to work is a non-faux-pas anymore is a huge step for fashion, more so it’s a coveted look that represents coolness, and some laid-back vibe. Remember to pick a sweatshirt that looks more like a blouse rather than some big cozy comfy gym hoodie. In terms of colour, consider black, grey, white, nudes, taupes, red or blue. You can pair it with a pencil skirt, or high waisted office pants with side pocket (tuxedo-like-inspired), heels and a coat. It really looks effortless and chic.


Legging just goes with everything, don’t they?  However, the right color of legging will compliment your athleisure look. Black means power thus, opt for black leggings, leather leggings, deep solid one colour leggings that you always always always must pair with something long enough to cover till your waist for office. Pair your leggings with a very long button-down shirt, a long cardigan, a t-shirt, and a long blazer, a cozy sweater or a sweatshirt.

Swap Heels for Sneakers

The trick to making athleisure work at the office is to don a fresh pair of sneakers. If your office is more buttoned-up, go for a low-profile sneaker in a more neutral tone like gray, pink, tan or crisp white. If your office is on the creative and casual side, try a monochromatic look with a pair of bright, patterned sneakers. This works better if you have a more formal top so that your overall outfit does not look like you’re ready to workout but more about smart casual.


When Monday morning rolls around and you’re not quite ready for the week, try a sleek jumpsuit for the office. This nod to athleisure is a one-piece wonder that you can wear all day at the desk and then for a happy hour event. If you want to look more meeting ready, layer on a contrasting blazer and a watch. Get creative but ensure that it has dual-functionality as formal and gym outfit.

It is not worth stressing over on strict guidelines. You can always mix and match your athleisure outfit and make sure that it fits into your office environment and appear properly balanced.


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