Grooming Plus Sized Beauties for Pageant and Confidence

(Left to right) Last year’s winner, Jodel Padao Mesina, the newly crowned Ms Top of the World Plus Size, and 2016’s winner Fiona Tan

Held at Cebu, Philippines, the crown of this year’s Ms & Mrs Top of the World Plus Size went to Ms Charlene P. Rosco, who represented South East Asia. Hailing from the Philippines, Ms Rosco currently lives and works in Singapore with her husband, which is where she met beauty queen Fiona Tan, who won the pageant in 2016.

When asked why she joined the pageant, Charlene explained, “I joined the pageant to inspire other people, especially of my size, to gain self-acceptance, to be positive towards discrimination, to overcome and develop self-confidence, and to promote self-awareness on the stereotypes here in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.”

Participants of Ms Top of the World Pus Size 2018

This mirrors what Fiona aims to do as Singapore’s Country Director of Ms & Mrs Top of the World Plus Size.  As the youngest Country Director, Fiona spots women such as Ms Rosco and Singapore’s representative Miss Dolce Goh (who won the title of Ms Lady) who are plus-sized but do not allow that to impede their goals and dreams. She then helps to market, groom and advise these women throughout their pageantry journey. “My motivation lies in helping plus-sized women gain more confidence with their body image as well as to give back to the community,” said Fiona.

Fiona singing the pageant song “Beauty will save the world”

The message of empowerment rings out loud and clear in this pageant as all representatives talked about overcoming various obstacles and prejudices, and how that has made them want to show fellow plus-sized women (who may still lack the confidence and support) that you can be beautiful and comfortable in one’s skin. That would explain the pageant’s motto that “Beauty will save the world!” which has also been turned into a song and sung for the very first time by Fiona during this year’s finals.


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Photos: Ms Top of the World Plus Size 2018 and Fiona Tan




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