How Are Millennials Changing the Dating Scene

Millennials are having a profound impact on almost every aspect of society and culture, and dating is no different. The advent of new technologies and a more liberal approach to dating has completely changed what it means to date in this day and age. While some millennials are embracing the change, others are trying to find ways to cope with this new reality the best they can. Let’s take a look at how millennials are changing dating culture and what it means for the future.

Millennials are Losing Faith in Marriage

One of the ways millennials differ the most from their predecessors is when it comes to their attitude towards marriage. They see marriage as a secondary goal and would rather seek personal goals first. Millennials would rather get an education and a steady source of income before thinking about tying the knot. The high rate of millennials who were raised in a single family or broken home has also had a deep impact on their perception of marriage or relationships. Those who were raised by a single parent may not see the importance of having two parents and those who came from broken families may not exactly see the benefit in marriage.

Meeting Digitally is Now the New Normal

The days of meeting a stranger at the park or the grocery store are a thing of the past now and social media is officially the preferred way of meeting a significant other these days. While it takes away some of the anxiety that comes with direct human contact and allows them to screen their partners beforehand, some have posited that it is slowly eroding actual face-to-face interaction and making dating more impersonal. But with the convenience that social media and dating apps like Tinder offer, millennials aren’t likely to go back to traditional courting anytime soon.

Financial Pressure and Downsizing

It is no secret that millennials aren’t as well off at the same age as GenY, Gen-Xers, and Baby Boomers were. Due to the soaring costs of a college education and the precarious financial climate of the last few years, many millennials enter a relationship burdened with debt. Having to deal with financial stress often means that couples need to put off having a baby or buying a home until things are settled.

Millennials have Many More Options

While some may see this as a good thing, having too many options at your fingertips may lead many to second guess if their current partner is really the one for them and if they could do better. This is a huge issue with many millennials who may prefer taking a no strings attached approach to dating instead of committing. Playing the field is now the norm, and with the quasi-endless options out there, the popularity of being in a steady relationship is declining.

Texting and Communication Issues

Texting is big with millennials and it’s not uncommon for many of them to have most of their conversations through text these days. This can lead to major miscommunication issues. Some of the subtleties of a natural conversation simply cannot be translated into text, and a small problem can easily escalate due to one misunderstood text message. Not only that but having a constant stream of texts from friends triggering your fear of missing out can only make matters worse.

Sex Robots – The Future of Dating?

While the idea of sex robots might seem bizarre to some or downright creepy, they are definitely edging closer to reality. As a matter of fact, more than 25% of millennials surveyed in a study said that they would consider having a relationship with a robot. But the study also revealed that many felt like they preferred their online life to their actual life and that they felt smartphones were detrimental to human bonding. So, this move towards sex robots seems to be a continuation of the increasing disconnect a lot of millennials are feeling.


Millennials are transforming the way we meet and date and are faced with a whole set of new challenges and realities. We can expect new technologies to keep having a profound effect on dating and the way we interact as humans in general.


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