Cheap & Fun Family Vacation Ideas in Australia That Your Kids Will Love

So, you’re travelling to Australia! Australia is a land of never-ending fun and excitement and has a lot to offer to kids, teens, and adults, too. However, if this is your first time vacationing with children, it can be a little tricky to entertain them and provide the youngsters with fun activities and experiences. Luckily, here’s a little guide that will show you some of the best cheap and fun family vacation ideas.

Ride the Magic Mountain

If you ever find yourself in New South Wales, do yourself a favour and take your little ones to Magic Mountain! This amazing family fun park is located only 2 kilometres from Merimbula and it’s simply packed with different activities for different ages. There is a rollercoaster, a toboggan, a jumping castle, a mini-golf course, mini grand prix, and several different waterslides (from extreme ones to the kiddy ones)! There’s also a picnic area, and plenty of playground equipment for kids to climb on while you prepare lunch. And the best thing about Magic Mountain? Most of the attractions are free, while an all-day pass for rides costs around A$40!

Learn about marine life

If your kids love Nemo and Dory, just wait till they see them swimming in Sydney Aquarium! This fun and affordable family vacation idea is a great way to have an amazing time while learning and interacting with wondrous sea world. The aquarium holds over 650 species of fish, crustaceans, corals, and different shellfish! However, kids usually go crazy for the Discovery Rockpool where they can really get to learn about the animals and have fun while doing it. This adventure allows them to have a hands-on learning experience and splash around with the tiny sea creatures! The ticket for kids is A$28, for adults is A$40, and children younger than 4 can go in free!

Family zoo adventure

If it’s land animals that are more your family’s thing, don’t hesitate to visit Taronga Zoo in Sydney. This amazing zoo takes care of over 4000 animals from 350 species, many of which are rare and endangered. Taronga also has great breeding programmes and is doing its best to ensure animal conservation in the wild. So, if you’re worried about their ethical practices, you can rest assured that your children will see how to properly treat animals with great care.

Splash on the beach

One of the best things about Australia is its countless beaches and very rich beach life and culture. And, you know what they say, “When in Rome…” So, grab your swimsuits and snorkels, and hit the beach with your family! One of the best family beaches is definitely Ballina, which offers a great swimming experience, surfing opportunities, and many kid-friendly activities. There are also some very affordable caravan parks in Ballina, where you can choose anything from stylish and cozy cabins to great camping and caravan sites. This means you’ll have an amazing beach time without spending too much money on overpriced hotels!

Don’t forget the Outback

Sure, city and beach activities are a lot of fun, but the real Aussie charm lies in its Outback. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to show your children what Australia is really about – tradition, untamed nature, and natural beauties that can’t be recreated anywhere else in the world! Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is located in the Northern Territory and it’s truly a magical place that is certainly worth all the trouble of getting there. This will be a unique lesson for your kids, allowing them to learn about indigenous people and their culture, and teaching them to respect, love and embrace nature. If that’s not enough, there are fun camel rides and helicopter tours that will get everyone’s heart pumping. Also, if you’re traveling with older children, the Outback will definitely get them off their phones and into the Aussie reality.

Learn about Australian history

If your family is full of little intellectuals and future academics, they will probably love a nice tour through Australian history in the National Museum of Australia. If you happen to find yourself in the Capital Territory, don’t miss out on the chance to get familiar with rich, treasured and inspiring Aussie history. It really has something for everyone: there are sports memorabilia, vintage cars and other vehicles, weapons, jewelry, paintings, fashion, and many other interesting exhibits. Plus, the admission is free!

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your fun family vacation in order to keep everyone happy and excited. All you need is a few good ideas, and both you and your kids will have a great Oz time!


Contributed by Luke Douglas.

Photo credits: Pexels


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