Be Courageous and “Just Do it” with Nike’s Badge of Honour

Everyone has had the experience of falling down, getting injured and being scared of getting up again when they were children. Sometimes, we would cry and run away and other times, our parents were the ones to pull us out of the situation. Well, Nike is doing their best to help children overcome those experiences with some very colourful plasters called “Badge of Honour”.

The campaign was led by the agency Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai and is supposed to be akin to those old band aids with positive messages such as “All Better”.

Badge of Honour goes a bit further by not only giving each band aid a unique pattern and design, but by having them form a story, thus making it so that children have to collect the series of plasters in order to complete the story.

It’s certainly an interesting message when you think about it, but the point of “Badge of Honour” isn’t for children to get injured on purpose in order to collect bandages like they’re Pokémons. The bigger purpose behind Badge of Honour is for the young ones to be inspired by the stories they present – each one showcasing a different sport and a situation where a character fails and has to stand back up.

Specifically, “Badge of Honour” stickers come with any Nike “Young Athletes” Product purchase and come in four sets of fourteen stickers, with each set focusing on a different sport such as running, soccer, basketball and skateboarding.

Nike didn’t just create these stickers and leave it at that either, they also recruited some of China’s best athletes to help promote the campaign such as Su Bingtian, China’s fastest sprinter, and Zhao Lina, China’s female goalkeeper.

While the results might vary from person to person, we still have to commend Nike for trying to spread the message of persevering and getting up in the face of adversity, especially at a time where children have to start to learn more about the world and enjoy their life. Even if it’s a branding campaign at the end of the day, it offers a good lesson for kids and it’s certainly the type of thing Nike would do.


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